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Why are cigarettes addictive?

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    If two-thirds of all smokers want to stop smoking, and every year nearly three in 10 smokers try to do so, why are there not more ex-smokers than smokers? What is it that makes cigarettes so addictive and makes quitting smoking so challenging?

    Itís not just the nicotine that makes smoking addictive Ė itís a mixture of behavioural habits, social and environmental influences, and maybe even your genes. This article will explain more about these causes and how you can overcome them to successfully stop smoking.
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      Smoking is very injurious and it leads to many problems..
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        Don't so hard to quit smoke, only you have to change your behavior with smoking to help quit it. Smokes contain nicotine which is harmful for a good health and it also injurious to teeth and create Oral Cancer. Smoking is not cool while it dangerous.


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          Smoking is injurious to health and its very badly effect on your gums.

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            Tobacco is an incredibly addictive substance. Studies have found that smoking tobacco can be as addictive as heroin and cocaine(opens in new tab), but what makes people crave a cigarette? And why do many people struggle to stop smoking despite being aware of the dangers.

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