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Surf save and make sure that u r choosing the Right Air Travel on Cheap Rates.

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  • Surf save and make sure that u r choosing the Right Air Travel on Cheap Rates.

    This is to inform all the online internet users that whatever they found on the internet regarding cheap air travels is it based on truth or is it totally opposite? Now I would like to go a little deep in this to clear the minds of the users that whatever they found information through internet really benefited for the users or it is benefited for those who are actually behind providing the cheap air travels.
    This cheap travel business has only benefited the online companies rather they should have provided the benefit to the user. Now there will be a question arising in the reader’s mind that how can we say this? I am not talking against any company neither I am talking of all the companies who are doing the same business. I have collected some links of the pictures of the websites.

    See the above link this link has the information about the availability of the flights with the desired dates that the users want along with the rates.

    Now compare the information of this link with the first link u will find the information is same in this link and the above one but take a look at the rates the result will be different. Now the last link that I am going to share has taken from the actual airline company's website and u will again see that there will be a difference of rates.

    Now it has been cleared to all the users and readers of this topic that which one is cheaper and which one is expensive the result is the actual airline company's website is providing cheaper rates to the users than the couple of ones which have shown above. We have no intention to harm any company by doing this but we are just to clear the name of Cheap from user’s mind. It is not the end our team is going to designed a website named in which the user will be providing the facilities that they can purchase the tickets directly from the actual airline company’s site through our site. We are waiting for the suggestions to come from all those who read this and also from those who have heard from some body else.

    With Best Regards
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    Thats why I get atravel agent because most of the times I can't really find cheao airfare. I have no patience for it really.


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