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i have been to Japan

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  • i have been to Japan

    2 years ago iwas in japan, it is very different than i used to thought ....

    Very Very nice place to visit,the food is not that good but the people are very very nice
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    i am quite intrigued with Japan.. the place is just about hundreds of kilometers north of my country..

    i like to visit it, yet i find the language barrier hard to surmount.. is it expensive to go there? how do the Japanese people interact with visitors? here in the Philippines, we are known for our hospitality, i hope that the japanese exhibits this character too.. i would really like to make friends with them..

    hello to all Japanese out there..
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      hmm, the younger generations are a bit cocky.

      but their girls, i rate most of them 9/10.

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        Japan is an amazing region for visit and you can explore there divers kind of attractions on this adorable region. It is famous for its incredible beauty and its natural places. It is also famous destinations and my favorite too. I love this destination due to its fun places. I have been there many of the tiems in my my life and have really great experience there. Many travelling lover go there annually for fun.
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          Mount Fuji
          These are really my most favorite places of japan that I had explored during my japan tour and had an amazing time at these all. what do you all will like to say about them all?


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            Japan is a most amazing and interesting country for visit that you can see in East Asia. It has plenty most astonishing sights to have fun to their visitors. Its historical spots appeals me a lot. I also vsitied there and I explored its many fabulous placse for having enjoyment. There are many adventuress places where you can enjoy many outdoor activities. Millions of tourists love to go there due to its surpeb attractions. I hope you will spent good time there.