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Thread: Tips for Vietnam visa on arrival

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    Default Tips for Vietnam visa on arrival

    It is a visa you can pick up at one of three Vietnam international airports (Noi Bai, Tan Son Nhat or Da Nang international airport) and you can only obtain it if you enter this country by air. More specifically, Vietnam Visa on arrival is the visa which is applied for those who travel to Vietnam by air only.

    When you arrive in Vietnam at any Vietnam International airport, you can get the visa stamped on to your passport at the Immigration check-in by submitting the approval letter together with your passport (6 months validity), two passport-sized photos (which must be taken within six months to reflect your current appearance), and stamping fee (you must pay this fee in cash). And finally, you will be ready to pass over the check-in door and enter Vietnam. It may well be the quickest and cheapest way to get your Vietnam visa;

    To prevent you from getting troubles when apply for Vietnam visa on arrival, we have listed some common mistakes that so many travelers usually make. We truly hope everything will be easier for you after you have a look at the 5 common mistakes as below:

    1 -Getting visa on arrival without applying online: the reality is that many travelers believe they can get a Vietnam visa directly at the airports in Vietnam without having to apply online for getting approval letter. No good can come from this since it is not true at all. You may be ended up with the delaying or cancelling of your flights or you have to wait at the airport until the visa is approved. Therefore we strongly suggest that you should apply online for your approval letter at our website so that you can pick up your visa at one of three main Vietnam international airports ( Tan Son Nhat airport, Noi Bai airport, Da Nang airport).

    2 Ė Get visa on arrival at the border: we would like to stress the point that Visa on arrival is only applicable for those who travel by air. In other words, there will be no visa on arrival at the border. So if you travel by any other kinds of transportation, you canít get visa on arrival. In case you donít enter Vietnam by air, contact us in advance to ask for procedure of getting a visa by land.

    3 Ė Spelling or Typing mistakes: many applicants fill in the Application form with WRONG details: passport full name, passport number or date of birth. Normally, no serious problems come from this. However, you might get trouble at the departure airport if the information on your approval letter doesnít match those in your passport. Therefore, entering everything correctly and carefully is the best way since it not only take you just a little time but also prevent you from getting unexpected problems.

    4 - Arrival date: perhaps you as well as so many other travelers think that the visa validity starts from the date a traveler enters Vietnam, not the date he or she provides. However, it is not true at all. Please note that your visa validity commences from the date you provided earlier, not the date you will enter Vietnam. We highly suggest that you should make a clear plan about the date you will enter Vietnam before deciding to order a visa to Vietnam for your convenience.

    5 - Visa extension: most travelers have the belief that it is easy to extend a visa so they donít pay much attention about which kind of visa they must choose. For example, in case they are not sure about how long they will stay in Vietnam, they can apply for a 1 month visa first, after that they can extend their visa if they have to stay in Vietnam more than that period (as they think extending visa process is simple and fast). However, please note that it is not as easy as you think it is supposed to be. In fact, extending a visa may be costly and time-consuming. So, if possible, just apply for a 3 month visa in advance instead of applying for a 1 month one so that you can save your money and time on visa extension.

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    cogrates for this great sharing. It really a good decision to apply for Vietnam visa on arival because get Vietnam visa via this visa type is cheap, simple and easy.
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