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Thread: Tourists to satisfy with Vietnam Visa On Arrival

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    Default Tourists to satisfy with Vietnam Visa On Arrival

    Even as Vietnam Visa is trying to expand the visa-on-arrival scheme to give a boost to the tourism sector, a survey conducted for the tourism ministry reveals a rather grim picture of tourists struggling with signatures, queues and foreign exchange issues while availing of the facility.
    The survey reveals that tourists take over an hour and sometimes one-and-a-half hours at Vietnam airport for their visas though facilities are better at Vietnamese Consulates/ Embassy in their local country.
    During the survey 85% of the tourists said that the system was absolutely hassle free. Though a majority of tourists were satisfied, most felt that utilities counters needed to be close by. The survey had included even immigration officials who felt that adequate publicity is required for this service and forms should be provided in the flights.
    “The survey indicates that we need to work on infrastructure, training and reducing processing time. It also says language and foreign currency are major issues. We have had interactions with the civil aviation ministry and the home ministry, and we have been assured that proper space would be provided for special counters, ” tourism secretary said.
    “Not every tourist carries US dollars with them. So they have to run between counters to get foreign currency exchanged. They lose a lot of time on that. Some face problems when they go to multiple counters and find the officials on a tea break. All these issues need to be ironed out,” he added.
    At present, the visa-on-arrival facility is available on two airports – Tan Son Nhat & Noi Bai. There are plans to extend it to other Vietnam International airports.
    The facility will be introduced for tourists applying Vietnam Visa from US, Vietnam Visa in UK, applying Vietnam Visa in Australia, Vietnam Visa in Germany, Vietnam Visa in Finland, Vietnam Visa in Japan, Luxembourg, Vietnam Visa in New Zealand and Vietnam Visa in Singapore. And it can be extended to citizens of getting Vietnam Visa in Cambodia, Vietnam Visa in Indonesia, the Philippines, getting Vietnam Visa in Laos and Myanmar, Vietnam visa in China.
    Further more, the government is planning to expand this to more countries including Germany, Vietnam Visa in Thailand, Vietnam Visa in Spain, Sweden, France, Norway, Russia, Ukraine, South Africa, Kazakhstan, Brazil, Malaysia and Brunei.
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