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Thread: Death Valley - Monument Valley

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    Default Death Valley - Monument Valley

    Why don't you discuss about Death Valley and Moument valley a lot ?

    I'm going to go in these location in a few days by car (i'll arrive in S.F. and i will rent a car ...

    This is one of my dream travel ! and i'll do this travel alone

    Do you have any advice for me ?

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    I have a little bit information about it because I heard about it through my friends. Death Valley is a lowest desert and hottest area in North America and that is located in Eastern California. I want to know more about it. So can you share your experience with us if you every visit there. I am waiting for your reply?

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    Death Valley is a most excitin fun place and where you can enjoy a lot of most fabulous alluring activities. I also visited there for having enjoyment. I would like to share the names of some most interesting activities which I had enjoyed on this this breathtaking destination like hiking, trekking, walking and photography. If you want to go there then I will suggest you must try all these activities and make their tour more memorable.

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