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Thread: Forget about Thailand: Its Government Doesn't Care for Tourists

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    Default Forget about Thailand: Its Government Doesn't Care for Tourists

    My experience in Thailand is no good. The Ministry of Tourism and Sports (MOTS) there won't respond to my complaint. So when you have problems in Thailand, don't expect any help from its (corrupt/incompetent?) government. Visit Thailand at your own risk (in the most recent visit, stuff was stolen from my locked check-in luggage; an inside job obviously) . Here is briefly what happened:

    In April, 2008, I filed an online complaint against a Pattaya travel agent for ripping me off to MOTS via the website (this site is no longer functional). A Ministry staff acknowledged my complaint by email.

    However, despite repeated online inquiry about the progress of the complaint, I received no response from the Ministry.

    When I was in Bangkok earlier this year in May, I went to MOTS National Stadium office to inquire about the progress of my complaint (which I filed online in April 2008). Amazingly, they found no record of the complaint and asked me to file a written complaint while I was in that office. I did accordingly and a staff said I would hear from the Ministry in 2-3 weeks.

    Not having heard anything, I sent a letter to the National Stadium office in August and another one in September, 2009 inquiring about the progress of the complaint, but again I heard nothing. About a month ago, I sent a letter about the matter to Mr. Weerasak Kowsurat (Minister of Tourism and Sports) at the Ratchadamneon Rd. address, but heard nothing.

    I think it is conclusive that MOTS is not going to do anything about my complaint. I wonder why (corruption/incompetence?).

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    Your complaint is about a travel agency. I'm not sure why you think the Thai government would pursue it for you. If you had a complaint about a US travel agent, the US government wouldn't do anything about it.

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