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Thread: Songkran Festival 2009

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    Default Songkran Festival 2009

    Anyone going to the Water Festival in Thailand ??

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    What date does it start ? Is it during april month ?

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    Default Are you ready to wet…!!

    Welcome to a Wonderful Season.!!
    Welcome To "2009 Thailand Grand Water Fighting Festival"..
    You know what? Every April 12-15. in Thailand a Grand Festival will Start .. Welcome to Songkran Festival, A Water Fighting Festival..!!

    If you planning to Travel in Thailand during 2009 April, I recommend you See more Tips and looking around Thailand Here.
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    Bring a towel and a plastic bag for the camera and enjoy the fun.

    Everything else will be as normal.
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    On the first day it is traditional for Thais to clean their house in preparation for the year ahead. The 2nd day is given over to the preparation of food and special meals to be consumed over the coming days. The third day is the start of the Thai New Year.
    On the third day, it is marked by religious ceremonies which usually take place early in the morning. Come the afternoon, it's time for the water fights which rage through the streets during which everybody, including tourists, are targets. The day is celebrated all over the country with various special events and attractions.

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