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Thread: Adventurous place!

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    Default Adventurous place!

    For the best chance of getting a car hire in Madrid spain must book as far in advance as possible and you don't need to worry in this place all people are friendly. There are some different views. It has parks, soccer fields, museums and a lot of monuments. This plenty of attractions for the visitor with the means to get around.
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    Is there any historical places other than monuments you said? What is their main tourist spot?

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    If you get a chance to separate yourself from the irresistible beach activities, there is a lot of more fun waiting for you on the mainland. The beautiful mountains at the island of Gran Canaria offer beautiful hiking trails. For an even more exciting experience, a camel ride in the sand dunes can be really a satisfying experience. Gran Canaria also features three beautiful water parks and eight amusement parks, which are fun-filled places to visit for every tourist regardless of their age. Among these parks, a crocodile park and a reptile park is especially very popular among kids and adults alike.

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    According to me, adventure in Spain is a noble way to enjoy scenic beauty in Spain. Spain is a perfect place adventure buffs. Adventure seekers in Spain may try trekking, mountain biking in the Pyrenees Mountains or surfing and kayaking on the Costa Brava to the north of Barcelona, Spain has it all at according to your need.

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    Yes, trekking and mountain biking is really adventurous and the best spot to it is in Spanish peninsula.
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    Well, Spain is pretty good destinations for adventurous vacation, I visited there couple of times with friends especially in Barcelona and Madrid.

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    what are the best places to visit in madrid? The palace is nice i heard. It is the palace they used for star wars inst it?

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