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Thread: To all of you that have visited Lisbon

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    Default To all of you that have visited Lisbon

    Hello I'm a portuguese student and I am doing my master thesis on the touristic image of Lisbon. In my investigation, I need to collect foreigners' opinion about the image of Lisbon, so I ask you all, that have visited Lisbon, to answer this survey I'm doing. I can assure all of you that it is totally anonymous and it has only academic purposes. It would be a great help for me to finish my masters! Also, if you know someone that has been Lisbon, please share the link with them!

    Thank you all so much!

    This is the link:


    Dulce Santos

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    Good info it is and i appreciate you for putting effort in it and letting it stay the way it is.So yeah this is the way how it is because of a way out is there and that is what i keep decent with being specific and decent with all the terms.
    When it comes to my traveling i usually use fort lauderdale to boca raton that stays quite reasonable for me.

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    I have been to Lisbon few months ago just after my new jersey to washington dc bus tour with my family. It is the capital city of Portugal. I really like its awesome heritage spots like; Jeronimos Monastery, Belem Tower, Saint George's Castle and many others.
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    Lisbon is a capital of Portugal. If you haev a plan to go to there then I am going to share the names of some must see place which are my favorite like Belém Tower, Lisbon Oceanarium, National Coach Museum, 25 de Abril Bridge and Lisbon Cathedral. I will suggest you to must visit these places and make their tour remember able.

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    Lisbon is a great place which I had explored once before mine tour to niagara falls from nj with my parents and had a great time while my visit. During my visit, I had explored lots of attractions like
    Jerónimos Monastery
    Belém Tower
    São Jorge Castle
    Praça do Comércio and these kinds of others. That was amazing for me. Let me know which one is your favorite?

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    I have visited Lisbon city once and I enjoyed my time there . But I could not visit some famous attractions and São Jorge Castle is one of them. I would like to visit this city once again and will visit this attraction at first. Tell me something about this destination then I will go for it and will explore it personally.

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