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    Default peru vacation

    Hi, I'm planing a peru travel, But I want info and recommendations I think the best time to travel to peru is in october and november I don't know if I'm right. Well I want some information about tours I have a peru vacations tour but I want to know more. please some help and advice

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    Hi, well it depends on were you'r going, for Cuzco it's the best time cause in December starts the rains I sure your peru travel agency also told you that... even though you still need to bring warm clothes and no matter were or what time it is you need to be careful with your things you will definitely love Peru it's a beautiful country that has amazing food!
    If you'r planning on trekking be sure you have at least one day to acclimate('cause the height)
    good luck and enjoy peru!

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    Yes, Peru is one of the best places for travelers and third biggest country of South America. I like its historical places, culture, restaurants and beaches. When you visit to Peru I am sure you want to visit again and again. The top places in Peru are Arequipa Colca Valley, Chiclayo, Lima, Nazca Lines, Paracas, Puno and Lake Tiicaca and Trujillo.
    Moreover, Virginia is also the best for holidays because there are some of the best places, hotels and resorts are located especially in Luray, VA and Shenandoah Valley.

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    Traveller I appreciated you for this great work. You solved my all problems. I never got a chance to visit in Peru in my whole life. After seeing all interest I decided to go there after completing my bus tours east coast. The names of top places are really cool and looks busiest places there. I am really excited to go there as soon as possible. Can you share a few names of famous hotels there?

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    I guess these places are reasonable much can surely stuff like corning glass tour is existing in it which can be taken ahead.

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    Peru is the best place for visit. it is an ideal destination for all kind of visitors. Many visitors go there every year and spent their holidays. I visited there about six months ago during my summer holidays. I spent very good time there. So I suggest you should go there once.

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    Peru is really nice and most wonderful country for travelling as tourism point of view. It is a home of plenty alluring and captivating attractions which grab attractions of of visitors from throughout the world. It is famous for its historical places. It is also famous destination and my favorite too. I love this destination due to its adventures places. I also visited there for having enjoyment. Many travelling lovers go there annually for enjoyment. In my point of view it is a perfect place for all kind of visitors.

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    Let me share here the most beautiful attractions names of Peru here with you all.
    Plaza De Armas
    Machu Picchu
    Colca Canyon
    Huascarán National Park
    Larco Museum
    what say about these all?

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