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Thread: Places to visit in New Zealand ?

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    Default Places to visit in New Zealand ?

    I am always willing to go there.. and what is best time to visit to New Zealand .. heard some great place are there and also looking for some great flight deals to choose ..
    thanks for any advice ..
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    Things you can't miss to see while traveling in New Zealand:

    1. Milford Sound
    Experience the grandeur and beauty of Fiordland on the area’s most accessible fiord, great in bright sunshine and wonderfully atmospheric in the mist with the waterfalls at their most impressive.

    2. Tree ferns
    Sometimes reaching up to 10m, these outsize specimens provide shade for some of the more delicate species in New Zealand’s unique ecosystem.

    3. Taieri Gorge Railway
    Ride the stately old train through otherwise inaccessible mountain landscapes on this dramatic journey along a line established back in 1859.

    4. Whale watching
    An impressive range of cetaceans populates the deep canyons off the Kaikoura Peninsula, visited on a cruise or spied from a plane or helicopter.

    5. Otago Central Rail Trail
    Taking three leisurely days on a bike is the best way to tackle this 150km trail, which follows the route of a former rail line through some ruggedly barren country.

    6. White Island
    Take an appealing boat trip out to New Zealand’s most active volcano, and stroll through the sulphurous lunar landscape to peer into the steaming crater.

    7. Ninety Mile Beach
    This seemingly endless wave-lashed golden strand is a designated highway, plied by tour buses that regularly stop to let passengers toboggan down the steep dunes.

    8. Moeraki Boulders
    Stroll along the beach to visit these large, perfectly round, natural spheres with a honeycomb centre, just sitting in the surf.

    9. The glaciers
    The steep and dramatic Fox and Franz Josef glaciers can be explored by glacier hike, ice climbing and helicopter flights landing on the snowfields above.

    10.The Catlins
    Seals and dolphins and a laidback approach to life make this rugged coast a great place to unwind for a few days.
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    You should go to new zealand for your holiday.As there are the lots of beaches and water-parks over there.

    1)The Coromandel, with its pristine beaches, native forests and laid-back vibe, is one of New Zealandís most popular and best-loved holiday destinations.Activities and attractions are plentiful, from fishing and diving to hiking and cycling.You could wander among the coolness of the pristine bush; the Coromandel is a walkerís paradise. Explore the relics from the area's gold mining heritage, follow the Karangahake Gorge and Coromandel coastal walkway, hike the Pinnacles, or hop on your bike and cycle the Hauraki Rail Trail. Or simply sit and relax in a warm bubbling pool at Hot Water Beach where you can dig your own spa two hours either side of low tide. Don't miss the spectacular Cathedral Cove, the jewel of a protected marine reserve.

    2)Jet boating is suitable for all ages and levels of fitness and can be enjoyed the whole year round. Sit back, buckle yourself in and feel the acceleration.A New Zealand jet boat ride will take you powering through narrow river gorges, almost brushing against sheer rock faces; or skimming across the surface of water channels that weave through the shingle banks of braided rivers.
    Some of the most exhilarating trips are available near Queenstown and Canterbury. Other areas include the Buller and Makarora regions in the South Island and the Rangitaiki, Whanganui and Waikato Rivers in the North Island.

    3)There are lots of caves also. Under the green hills of the Hamilton-Waikato region lies a labyrinth of caves, sinkholes and underground rivers known as Waitomo. The area's name comes from the Maori words wai (water) and tomo (hole). The caves were carved by underground streams pushing through soft limestone over thousands of years. The easiest way to see the caves is with a walking or boat tour. If youíre into adventure, try the unique experience of blackwater rafting - you'll crawl, swim and float through the caves on a rubber tube.
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    I guess you will be staying in bed and breakfast accommodation so that it would be cheaper for you.
    The average cost would be 100 NZ $ per person it can be less depending upon how well you search for cheapest things.

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    Punakaiki coast
    Abel Tasman Coast Track
    Franz Josef Ranges
    The Waikato River
    Golden Bay
    Waitakere beaches
    Tongariro National Park
    The Milford Track
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    There are lots of places to go to in depends on what you like....if its scenery then there are lots of amazing places around the place....the South Island is considered prettier for the most part with places like Queenstown popular, but I like the West Coast ( of the South Island) as its so pretty ( but not many people live there)...I have lived in Christchurch for many years on and off and really like it as a city. its close-ish to places you can go and visit eg west coast, kaikoura ( whale watching), southern alps etc etc.

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    There are many beautiful places to visit in New Zealand. Below we have mentioned top 10 best destinations in New Zealand:-

    1. The Milford Track
    2. The Coromandel
    3. Tongariro National Park
    4. Waitakere beaches
    5. Golden Bay
    6. Abel Tasman Coast Track
    7. Franz Josef Ranges
    8. The Waikato River
    9. Punakaiki coast
    10. Napier

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    Snort - Red White and Blue has clearly never been to New Zealand! Crime is no more rampant in New Zealand than any other country - in fact, there is probably less crime than other countries. I invite Red White and Blue here for a visit to see for himself.

    Well, as for your question - yes, Christchurch is great city. You would do well to go there. As for the best place to visit in New Zealand - you will get all sorts of answers as New Zealand is such a diverse country. If you like the big cities then Auckland and Wellington are great - if you like scenery then stick to the South Island.
    No one has mentioned Dunedin yet - it is also a great city to visit - lots of old buildings, character, charm and an enormous amount of wildlife out on the peninsula.
    Where ever you decide to go you will love it!
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    White island is situated in the north of Whakatane in the bay of plenty north island new Zealand. White island offers a boat and the helicopter tour. I have been there a year ago with my family before my bus tours dc . I have a great experienced through the helicopter tour. The island is 321 meter above the sea level. I suggest to all community members who are planning to visit there must visit the white island through the helicopter tour.

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    Rotorua is one of my favorite place to visit in New Zealand. This place known as the thermal wonderland of New Zealand. It is located in the heart of the North Island, just 60 kilometres south of Tauranga, 80 kilometres north of Taupo, 105 kilometres east of Hamilton, and 230 kilometres southeast of the nation's most populous city, Auckland.

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    Wow.... Every one shared here massive info about New Zealand. I have been there with my uncle round about 4,5 years ago. But it was a small business trip. Afterwards i never plan my trip to this region. But after reading your post i am quite interested to visited there. Thanks to all members your shared information would be so beneficial for me for planning a fabulous journey to this region. some of the best accommodations would be much regarded here...

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