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Thread: Advice on Travelling to Mexico wanted :)

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    Default Advice on Travelling to Mexico wanted :)

    Im sorry if ive posted this twice, not too sure if it worked the first time!
    Anywho yeah I am looking to go to Mexico end of October to the end of November, and any advice on places to go, things to see and stuff to do would be greatly appreciated!
    I heard Tulum was a good spot for beaches and doing more adventurous things. I really like exploring new places, snorkeling, hiking, kayaking and those sorts of things really!
    If there is anywhere that is particularly good for people to meet other travelers that you've experienced then I would like to know!
    So yeah if you have any information on costs, places, even fancy a chat about the places you have been then let me know! Oh and if you are thinking of going to mexico around the same time then it would be really great just to have someone to share ideas with!

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    Hi Alizey,
    Thanks for sharing your information here. Mexico is a best place for tourism. There is many places available for tours. If you planning to visit mexico, don't miss the chance. I know a Tour company, if you can contact him, contact Cancun All Tours i think you can get more information.

    Thank you
    Mr. Kumar

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    Mexico is such a nice country for visit. It is known fo its well known destinations. Here I am going to share the names of some must see places of this beautiful country like Frida Kahlo Museum, Xcaret Park, Isla Contoy and Marieta Islands. If you have a plan to go to there then I will suggest you to must visit these places and make their tour remember able.

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