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Thread: Travelling to Yucatan

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    Default Travelling to Yucatan

    Hi there,

    Trying to organize my upcoming holiday in Playa del Carmen next february, any advice for accomodation.

    Has anyone tried rentals? I checked Playa del Carmen vacation rentals | Yucatan vacation | Playa del carmen vacations: Kaaxan, does anyone know them? I'd rather stay downtown, or a small hotel ?
    Let me know
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    do you have pictures of the Yucatan? this is in Mexico right? the Yucatan Peninsula..

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    The Yucatan peninsula is packed with history. This was the heartland of the Mayan civilization and you will find many temples in Yucatan: ranging from the small but romantic temple of Tulum - it is almost on a white beach -to the most impressive Mayan temple of Mexico: "El Castillo" at Chichen Itza. Ancient Maya Temples can be visited also in Palenque, Uxmal and outside Mexico the most majestic tall temples are in Tikal, Guatemala.

    Merida, the capital city of the state of Yucatan, is located in the heart of Yucatan and the oldest city in the Americas, founded in 1542 by the Spaniards on top of a Mayan city called T'ho. Campeche with its old fortifications and "Pirates of the Caribbean" feel is also worth a visit.

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    Yucatán Peninsula is the most famous Geographical land. I visited there about a few years ago with my friends. I had a great experience there. It is an ideal place for nature sightseeing lovers. I want to go there again after tours from new york to niagara falls and I want to capture the some nature spots there with my camera.

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    There is more tours company available. Please search the tour company in google. Then select the company as you like.

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    I have not been there but I heard about it through many peoples a lot. After reading your shared information I feel that is an amazing place for visit. So I have a plan to go to there once in coming months with my whole friends for enjoyment. I am so happy for it. I want to explore its nearest attractions and before going, I want to see some images of this place. Anyone can you help me in this matter?

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