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Thread: Important point in traveling time?

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    Default Important point in traveling time?

    Reply please....

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    Time travel is only one way. Can not change the past. This is due to the limited number of atoms in the universe. Atoms constituting parts once you get to other things, and can not be in two places at once.

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    johanmclen is offline Junior Member
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    Hi Ohmibroewne, I think Johnmayer407 is looking for traveling tips not for going in past or future time.

    Traveling is one of the best way to enjoy holidays and to have a great time with your loved ones. But some times due to some uncertainties you're in problems these may be financial or medical. So to protect your-self and your family its better to travel with a complete travel insurance.

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    When you are on travelling, you have to take a first aid box and get some medicine for stomach pain and headache and others. Fix a budget which helps you to maintain a great money management during travelling.
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    I have some travel tips which so helpful for travelers. these are the following tips:
    1. Choose your direction
    2. Slow down
    3. Avoid the crowds
    4. Stay healthy
    5. Keep cool

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    These are the nice travel tips pointed out here which may help or guide the other.Thanks.
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    Always pack a hat. In the winter, a knit hat will keep you warm and take up little room. In the summer, a brimmed hat will keep the sun off your face. In either case, it will save you when your straightening iron doesn’t work in the trapezoidal electrical socket you found in your hotel room.
    Bring a travel first aid kit with the following: ibuprofen (or other pain killer), decongestant, NyQuil, bandages, hydrocortizone cream. You will not believe how often it will come in handy.
    Going somewhere with clean drinking water? Pack a reusable water bottle that clips on to your bag. Bonus points if it’s collapsible. In an age where the bottled stuff costs $7, you’ll save a ton, too.
    You will never wear that second dressy outfit, so stop packing it. Most trips, you won’t even wear the first dressy outfit (but you should still pack that one).
    Never carry your wallet in your back pocket, and never carry your purse on just your shoulder.
    Take notes. As much as you believe the contrary, once you get home you will not remember your tour guide’s name, or the artist whose worked you loved so much, or even the city where you stayed. Write it down.
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    Some Tips to Help You during Traveling:-

    1. Security and Keeping Details Safe
    2. Split up your valuables
    3. Nalgene/Small Bottles
    4. Backpack Tips
    5. Plastic Bags
    6. Pack in Plastic

    Kailash Manasarovar Yatra

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    There are always a few things that we need to be careful with during our travels and moving to one place to another. That is the way how it normally goes so yeah this is the thing what help us with the basics and at the same time through learning from it.
    When it comes to my traveling i usually use fort lauderdale to boca raton that stays quite reasonable for me.

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    You should be having enough understanding of tourism or traveling for a specific purpose becausen normally if we see tour bus from new york to niagara falls helps us a lot and that is the way how i feel with it certainly.
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