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Thread: Favorite kinds of travel books?

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    Default Favorite kinds of travel books?

    I LOVE Lonely Planet. Something about it is just really helpful. I also use Frommer's.

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    Ha, I opened up this thread to say I love Lonely Planet as well.

    I've also noticed a new travel book that looks like a little black sketch book. I can't think of its name, but it's cute and doesn't look touristy.

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    I have used Frommer's in the past, but now I use whatever I find at my AAA office. I get a pretty good discount on books there, and I get maps for free from the office.

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    Default Travel Fiction Rules

    I love to read fiction set in my travel location. Autobiographical stuff works for me too. I want to get into someones mind that was perhaps living there at a certain time, and learn about the culture and history that way. Much better than travel guides. This site recommends books for locations this way. TrekLit - Travel Literature Book Club

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    i also loce to read during travel but it is not something just specific, it depends upon the mood

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    I liked timeline, by Crichton. I have not read much time travel, but will look at the library for some of the selections mentioned!

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    Thumbs up hello

    i like travel pod and independenttravler it help me lot to search out.

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    I like Lonely Plane, but for the relaxation I preffer detective stories
    These icons are the best!

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    Default Recommendations

    I can really recommend Make the Most of Your Time on Earth: a Rough Guide to the World by Rough Guides. It's got stunning photography, and a romantic style of writing that will whet anyone's appetite for travel. I'd be interested to read anyone else's travel book reviews too!

    Books Quarterly

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    So many good travel books out there... for something funny, I like J Maarten Troost, his titles are a little crazy: Sex Lives of Cannibals, Getting Stoned with Savages. Writes about life in tropical places.

    For the lovely Italian life, nothing is better than A Year in Provence, by Peter Mayle.

    A classic writer is Paul Bowles, though I find his work pretty ethnocentric.
    I havent been everywhere, but its on my list. Susan Sontag

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