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Thread: Safari in kenya

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    Yes, it's a good place for spending vacation.
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    Hello Pygmalion,

    I agree with you Kenya is such famous and best destination for getting more enjoyment as well as its memorable experience. Can you share and some other tourist destination for spending our time with family and get relaxation in this busy life?

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    you know kenya is mother of africa!!

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    Kenya is a great place if you want to go on Safari, They have many National Wildlife parks like Masai Mara and Tsavo East for example. You will see all kinds of animals there: lions, zebras, giraffes, buffalos and ecen rhinos (if you are lucky). I can only recommend Kenya; it's agreat place to travel. The people are nice; the food is good and everything is quite cheap. A good destination for your next vacation.

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    On a driving safari, you generally have the same driver/guide and travel in the same vehicle provided by your tour operator throughout your safari which is used for both your transportation between parks and your game drives.
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    Life is a challenge, meet it!
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    Experience of safari in kenya was a great fun watching wild animals was a great...

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    Kenya is country of forests. The attractive places of Kenya are Volcanic Crater Kerio, Great Rift Valley, and natural lakes such as Lake Victoria, Lake Magadi, and rivers such as Tsavo, Athi, mountains like Mt. Kilimanjaro, Mt. Kiringa, and Mt. Kenya. The Savannah, coral reefs, white sand beaches are some other attractions of Kenya.
    The official language of Kenya Swahili but many more languages are spoken over there like Borana, Bukusu, Chuka, El molo, Kikuyu, Massai, and Sambaru. The currency of Kenya is Shilling.
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    I have never tried till yet the safari in Kenya but I am sure that it is really best and fun filled for me because I have once enjoyed the desert safari in Dubai. So I must love to try this at least once in my life and hope that It's proved best for me. So really thank for opening a thread about this great topic and for sharing information.

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