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Thread: Kenya Holidays

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    Kenya is the wonderful country of the world. It is a home of gorgeous attractions, historical places, theme parks and awesome beaches. It is the best country for holiday tours. I have been visit after my 3 day niagara falls tours from new york about few years ago with my friends. I had a lot of experience there.

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    I agree with you Kenya is a nice destination for travelling point of view. I visited once in my life there but now I have to go there in next year for spending summer holidays with my family. I wish We will again great fun there. Kenya has many attractions but I can't saw all its attractions but in next tour, I havea apln to visit all and explore. Does anyone want to give me some suggestions for my next tour of Kenya?

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    tomammi! really good to know about your views about Kenya. I really like this and after reading this I quickly want to make a move at there for spending some great time at there and so sure about tat it will be really good and nice for me to try any6tuing like this for sure for having fun.
    3 day tours from los angeles was nice.

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    Kenya offers a lot most beautiful and luxury destination to enjoyed family holidays. I am going to mention the names of some holiday destinations with us like:

    Lake Nakuru
    Diani Beach
    Ngong Hills
    Uhuru Gardens
    Mombasa Island
    Manda Island

    I want to know your views about these places?

    I had remarkable journey during my bus tour from new jersey to niagara falls
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    Kenya is a well known holiday destination of the world where visitors can enjoy holidays with family and kids. I have been there numerous times in my whole and every time had lots of fun there. If you want to go there then I would say that you must explore its surrounding attractions and make their journey memorable.

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    Kenya is a best country for visit as travelling point of view. It offers a lot of most beautiful and luxury holiday destination where you can comfortable stay with family nd friends. Those names are:
    Lake Nakuru, Diani Beach, Manda Island and Uhuru Gardens. Uhuru Gardens is also a famous destination and my favourite too. I also have visited there with my few fellows during my last summer holidays and will came back with a lot of pleasant memories. I hope you will have joyful time there. I want to know about your favourite destination?

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    Johsaf! through your post, I can see that you have a nice experience of being there in Kenya. Through your posts, I have got enough names of attractions which I should visit in my next tour. I will visit this country next month and will visit all the well-known attraction. Now I will say all of your posts are really nice anbd informative keep sharing these kind of stuff wioth us.

    I am going to join chicago bus trip.

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