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Thread: Kenya visit

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    Default Kenya visit

    Kenya is known to be one of the most agreeable holiday destinations on this world. It caters for every taste: from lazy beach days to exciting game viewing to high-altitude mountain climbing to swinging camel safaries to... well, so much more.

    Is it then possible that Kenya still has hidden treasures? Yes! The Western part of Kenya, centered around the city of Kisumu and bordering Lake Victoria, is still largely unknown to most tourists and even to many travel agencies and safari companies. They don't know what they are missing and this web site intends to change that. Browse through it and see why you should consider including Western Kenya in your itinerary.

    We offer loads of tourist information about Western Kenya, the 'forgotten' Kenya. Visit those hidden treasures, and take a peek into contemporary Africa, a continent in motion. Don't wait too long, next year everything will be different!
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    Am almost on the brink of success. Precisely I wanted to refer to the materializing of our Kenya tourism plan. All this while I was worried from where I can have the best information about the things I need to do there and here I found some good tips that is going to help me extremely.
    all for travel

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    Thanks for sharing the information. I would definitely try this region during my trip as I always prefer to tour less crowdie areas.

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    Default Kenya visit!

    Africa is a dream destination...and Kenya seems to head the list.With beautiful waters and the lush green trees and animals peeping out of every corner...Lake Victoria seemed to have stolen your heart.Yes truly it is a beautiful destination,find more information about Kenya here ...

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    Kenya offers to people looking for enjoyment, entertainment and lifetime adventure. There are some of the best sandy beaches, cool highlands, culture and much more within Kenya’s boundaries. The best places of Kenya are listed below:
    • Lamu
    • Lake Nakuru National Park
    • Mount Kenya
    • Amboseli National Park
    • Lake Turkana
    • Lewa Wildlife Conservancy
    • Tsavo National Parks
    • Malindi and Watamu

    These are the top Kenya places and every year peoples visit to these places in a huge numbers.

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    Default News, hotels, tour firms

    I agree with paramond, Only once have I been to western Kenya and i really did enjoy. I was in Vihiga district and the vihigas (large stones) there are a beautiful scenery.
    Did you know? You do not need to already have a Kenyan visa to enjoy your holiday in Kenya. You get the visa as you arrive and maximum time is not required!You can learn and get all information about Kenya at information ranges from latest news, tourism and travel places, hotels and more.
    Best Tourist Destinations in Kenya | breaking news and newspapers in Kenya, Hotels and Accommodation

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    According to me Kenya is the best holiday destinations in the world and there are several best places which is very famous such as Mount Kenya, Amboseli National Park, Lake Turkana, and Malindi and Watamu.

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    Kenya is a wonderful city. According to me, It is one of very few places which is granted with some of the best landscapes such as the background, Hill stations and the best beaches in the country.

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    Kenya has so many best places to visit such as The Maasai Mara, Lake Nakuru National Park, Nairobi National Park, Mount Kenya, Amboseli National Park, Tsavo National Parks, Lake Turkana, Samburu/Shaba/Buffalo Springs, Malindi and Watamu, Lamu etc. These all places have it's own speciality.

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    Kenya is an amazing country for wildlife lovers which located in East Africa. It has almost 580,000 km2 area and also 43 billion population. I must say that there are phenomenal wildlife views or highlights who makes this country iconic.

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