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Thread: What do I need for Kenya travel?

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    Default What do I need for Kenya travel?

    I'll be traveling to Kenya on Safari. What do I need to have prior to travel? any tips and information that can help make my Kenya stay fun will be helpful. I'll be there for 2 weeks.

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    Which country are you from? Depending on your country of origin, you may need a Kenya visa to enter Kenya. Make sure you have a passport. Although immunization is not mandatory, take precautions and take some malaria tablets. Kenya has a tropical climate so pack medium to light clothing. Get more information on travel tips from Kenya Information Guide - your help, travel guide and everything about Kenya.

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    Not much of a trick just fold all your clothes before you travel and put them in the large zip lock bags making sure to press out all the excess air before closing. At first this might seem silly but it allows you to look through all your stuff without really disturbing anything.

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    Don’t worry, you may visit Kenya with least formalities, though it also depends upon your country. There are many online travel agencies that can guide you to plan a tour.
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    Default What do I need for Kenya travel?

    When going on a safari you definitely need a very good cap to shelter you from sun,and a binocular because usually we can see a safari from a distance and with these instruments you will see them better and lastly you must have a very good camera which can click a photo from quite a distance.

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    Remember that Kenya has a tropical climate. You should prepare yourself for a wide variety of conditions that may include dust, and wet, hot and/or cool weather. Put careful thought into your preparations and pack accordingly depending on your reason for traveling to Kenya and the activities you intend to participate in.

    Furthermore, make certain that your luggage can withstand harsh conditions as well, particularly if you intend to travel to different parts of the country. You also need to keep the requirements of the airline you will be flying with in mind. And don't forget to leave some space to bring back gifts!

    Here are some basics to have when packing for your trip to Kenya:

    * Camera
    * Basic essentials
    * Comfortable, lightweight, and casual clothes (if you are on a safari, neutral is best, bright and bold is not)
    * Comfortable and strong shoes or boots
    * Brimmed hat
    * Sunscreen
    * Insect repellent
    * Formal / Occasional wear (depending on your reason for travel)
    * Toiletries
    * Prescription medication
    * Sunglasses (and a spare pair)
    * Medical kit (for exploration)
    * Swiss Army Knife (for exploration)
    * Flashlight (for exploration)
    * Video camera and accessories
    * Binoculars
    * Travel documents - passport, visa, others
    * Vaccination Certificates
    * Insurance Documents
    * Traveler's cheques
    * Credit / Debit cards


    Safety & Security

    You always want to be aware of your surroundings when traveling away from home. Traveling to Kenya is no different. Be vigilant when in public places and even more when venturing out at night. Incase of robbery, report the incident at the nearest police station. Kenya has a Tourist Safety and Communication Center that is always on call. They offer a 24hr tourist helpline (02-604767) where you can seek assistance if needed.

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    Hmm, Kenya is one of the best places for wild life safari and I am providing you to link where you can see all information and tips about Kenya travel. I hope it will be more helpful for your tour. Below is the link:
    Travel Smart: Kenya Travel Tips

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    There's a risk of catching malaria pretty much everywhere you travel in Kenya. The highlands used to be a low-risk area, but even there you have to be careful and take precautions. Kenya is home to the chloroquine-resistant strain of malaria as well as several others. Make sure your doctor or travel clinic knows you are traveling to Kenya (don't just say Africa) so s/he can prescribe the right anti-malarial medication.

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    If you have a need for Kenya travel then you can choose one skyscanner, dearflight, cheapflights and makemytrip etc.

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