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Thread: Travel from Florence to Salerno

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    Default Travel from Florence to Salerno

    lI will be going to Positano June 9, 2013. I heard there is a direct train from Florence to Salerno at a very reasonable close. I will check back with you in February and maybe you might have more information at that time.
    Greatly appreciate your assistance. Of course, I would like the earliest train in anticipation of catching the boat to Positano.

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    The fastest way to travel from Florence to Positano by public transportation is as follows:

    1. Eurostar Italia train to Salerno, CONNECTING at Rome Termini (4 hrs., 23 mins.), plus

    2. Ferry boat from Salerno to Positano (1 hr., 6 Euros)

    NOTE: If the ferry boat is not operating due to poor weather or being out-of-season, there is SITA bus service from directly outside of the Salerno train station, which however requires a bus change in Amalfi (2 hrs., not counting connection time, 3.10 Euros). The connecting time in Amalfi can be as much as 45 minutes.

    If the ferry is not operating, you could also get off the train at Naples Centrale, take the Circumvesuviana commuter light rail to Sorrento (65 mins., 3.15 Euros), then the SITA bus to Positano (50 mins., 1.30 Euros).

    If you take the 7:53 Eurostar from Florence, you'll arrive in Salerno at 12:16. There is a ferry to Positano at 14:10. Cost of the trains is 43.80 Euros in reserved second class.

    If you take the 9:53 Eurostar from Florence, you'll arrive in Salerno at 14:16. There is a ferry to Positano at 15:30. Cost of the trains is 46.13 Euros in reserved second class (the train from Rome to Salerno is a "restyled" Intercity train, nearly equivalent to the Eurostar train).

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    It gives us a way that can be taken ahead and also thousand islands boat tour is one of those sources that has the same experience like other traveling professionals but it would surely be better then this.

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    I also visited both of these places before going to enjoy my Boston to Niagara Falls bus tours with my friends. Both of these place are the best for visit and offers a diverse kind of attractions to explored the views of nature beauty. I explored many fabulous places of these beautiful cities and had an awesome experience there.

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