For those unaware of the brutal realities of India and levels of violent crimes against tourists - this post helps to raise awareness of the issue and the subsequent problems.

I lost my mother, murdered in India while going to teach children there and now work with other families seeking basic investigation by police and justice whom have had loved ones raped, murdered, robbed and gone missing in India.

This happens at a frightening rate and the worst experience following as reported by families from around the world is the pathetic response from Indian police and authorities. In many cases, basic information like a cause of death is never received let alone arrests and legal action. Hundreds of tourists are murdered each year, many more sexually assaulted, robbed and vanish into thin air.

Although numbers would suggest attacks on foreigners are worse in India than most countries, I dont believe general violence in India is worse than in western countries but the response from police and authorities is comical and dangerously corrupt.

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