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Thread: interesting facts

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    Many of my friends went to India last few months, I guess the success of the film ''Slumdog Millionaire'' really has bolstered the India tourism industry.

    Going to India end of this month for my friend's wedding in Goa, heard of the beautiful beaches there, can't wait! Also, won't miss out The Taj Mahal , Wildlife sanctuaries, samosa stands......

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    Thanks for sharing this facts. Change the way i look at indians.

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    India the country which is getting the second place for population in the world. I think the development is not enough for the population it has to improve more. Off-course India will get more develop soon.

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    These informations shows the importance of Indians from Ancient period onwards. Indians are known for their old civilization and culture and these informations proves that.

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    Oh these are some wonderful facts and I admit these were hardly known to me. Now I get the feeling this fabulous country ought to be visited by me at some point of time. Presently my desire to visit Malaysia is more than anything else but getting to know these details is bound to make me interested to visit India in the coming years and I will see that it happens.
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