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Thread: practical yoga psychology in India

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    Default practical yoga psychology in India

    I was wondering if anyone has taken any yoga psychology courses in India or if anyone has details about where courses might be offered. I am a practicing psychotherapist in the United States and wanted to expand my practice by introducing some elements of yoga and meditation into my therapy sessions. Iíve studied yoga for five years now and wanted to also deepen my own personal practice as well. Any help and guidance would be greatly appreciated.

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    i have learned YOGA personally, i practice it myself, never tried to teach it to anyone. i do some Pranayam's as well. but this Yogic Psychology i have never tried to indulge my self in. may be coz the main coz of me learning yoga was to improve my health only

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    Welcome to tourismzone Carlos. Yoga psychology is a very interesting subject which requires a great deal of background and knowledge of the human mind prior to studying the topic. However seeing as you do have a foundation in both yoga and psychology you will likely be able to understand the concepts of yoga psychology as you may already have a good understanding and conception of the human mind. Yoga psychology is actually derived from the system of yoga and could be said to be as old as the practice of yoga which is more than 10,000 year old. The only difference between yoga and yoga psychology is that yoga psychology is a system which can be applied within a modern context in which a patient and a therapist, or student and teacher, join together to help solve mental, physical, and spiritual problems within the patient/student. While yoga psychology can be found within the content of the yogic scriptures and yogic tradition, the practice has recently been refined to work specifically with the human mind and the modern disorders and dysfunctions that have accumulated in the modern age. Yoga psychology directly addresses modern dysfunctions with tradition and practical techniques that aid in the development of the human mind, body, and spirit.

    Yoga Psychology as a specific course or lesson is only taught by a few people throughout the world, mostly in India but also in Holland and Germany as well. Sometimes yoga psychology is taught as an element of yoga where as other teachers/gurus train students specifically in yoga psychology. Every school is different and will offer a distinct approach to the practice of yoga psychology. The Tureya Ashram (, for example, trains students specifically in yoga psychology and trains them individually to become yoga psychologists in a modern world with training in both traditional and modern applications of psychology, most of the courses taught by a doctor and swamiji. Other ashram or school may have institutionalized classes taught in classrooms and offered by university professors, so it all depends on what you are looking form.

    While I cannot suggest a specific school without knowing your intentions and goals, I would suggest continuing your search for a place in India as they carry the roots and foundations of yoga psychology there. Hope that helps!

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