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    Thumbs up Tour Information, one of the important online travel services companies selling low-cost Tour Packages and consolidated airlines has launched.

    This website will act as a resource of information and networking for travelers thorough for opinion level information on worldwide destinations and travel related subjects and more!

    It’s a travel website about India. Travelers; they can read feedback about tour packages, analysis hotels information and rate them, search tourists attractions, locate restaurants and places to feast, learn about local transportation, possessions to do, nightlife about most of the cities in US. Most significant they will be able to share travel experiences with authentic travelers and get their feedback which can help them plan their travel further on. So this website will help travelers in everyway to make their trip to worldwide better in every feature.

    Listed Below is some of the features of this Indian Travel website

    One can feedback tour destinations, hotels, tourists’ attractions, restaurants, local transport about cities in another worldwide and also rate them.
    One can feedback about views on travel destinations, hotels, tourists’ attraction, restaurants, local transport about cities in India and plan their travel further on.
    It enables a quality where travelers can act together with each other and switch over information on travel
    Write travelogues on every destination and share their travel stories.

    This feature is developed on Web technology and they are in the process of adding more features gradually. It will be a enormous source of information on Worldwide tour destinations,” says niti batra, CEO, They plan to become one stop clarification for all travel needs for the indian people. The users don’t need to go anywhere else to find any information related to anything for the travel and planning their vacation. At one website they can find everything and that’s what we are in the process of building. Cheap Air Travel within budget and easily accessible by everyone is our slogan and we plan to survive by it.

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    Thanks for the link,
    that looks good,
    if i can find cheap fairs there it would be amazing

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    Rajasthan, the largest state of India, is a haven for wide spectrum wildlife. Besides its magnificent monuments and rich culture & tradition the state is also known for its rich flora and fauna. There are several wildlife destinations in the state. Ranthambhore National Park, Desert National Park, Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary, Tal Chappar Sanctuary, Jaisamand Sanctuary, Darrah Sanctuary, Kumbhalgarh Sanctuary, Sariska Tiger Reserve & National Park, Keoladeo Ghana National Park (Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary), Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary, etc are names to few.

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    thanks for the link. good website.

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    Default Foreign travel tax

    Passengers embarking on journeys to any place outside India from a Customs airport / seaport will have to pay a Foreign Travel Tax (FTT) of Rs.500/- to most countries and Rs.150/- on journeys to Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Burma, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and the Maldives.

    In case of transit passengers, provided they do not leave the Customs barrier, ransit passengers traveling by air who have to leave the airport on account of mechanical trouble but continue their journey by the same aircraft and the same flight number by which they arrive are also exempt from FTE. Transit sea passengers leaving the ship for sightseeing, shopping, etc., during the ship's call at any of the Indian ports will not be required to pay FTT.

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    I want to Provide Hill stations of India,there are Many good Hill stations in India ,They Mainly attracts tourist to itself these Hill stations are Center Of Attractions Of India.
    Most Hill Stations are at an altitude of approximately between 1,000 and 2,500 metres (3,500 to 7,500 feet).

    The British Raj, and in particular the British Indian Army, founded about 50 of the 80 or so Hill Stations in India with the remainder were built by various Indian rulers over the centuries

    Several Hill Stations served as summer capitals of Indian provinces, princely states, or, in the case of Simla, of British India itself. Since Indian Independence, the role of these hill stations as summer capitals has largely ended, but many hill stations remain popular summer resorts.

    They offer a cool climate, green landscape and clear mountain air with a wide range of activities from walking in beautiful surroundings to mountaineering, camping, trekking and para-gliding.

    These Welcome Heritage hotels provide the best accommodation and services for discerning travelers.

    India hill resorts offer tourists a cool getaway from the heat of the plains in the summer, the chance to enjoy mountain sports in winter and trekking and mountaineering all year round.

    The most beautiful India hill resorts include Jammu, Srinagar, Mussoorie, Nainital,
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    Default great help

    A great help. Though I have not tried this referred source yet, but will definitely use it in summer vacation. It is always good to have more sources for tour booking as these help to get the best deal.

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    You provide good information about Tours & Travels

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    Default Such agood website

    This is a nice website....huhah.
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    The website is good, but dont you think the post looks like spam.
    Digital vaporizer
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