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Thread: Goa Travel Beaches

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    Great information for me, i also want to go there. Goa is very nice choice for the tourists. I also go there next month with my family.

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    Your right samedaytoursin, All of the members has shared great information about Goa. No doubt that it is truly wonderufl and lovely destination for fun. I also very excited to go there this summer season. At this time, I am going to Great Smoky Mountain Tour with my uncle. After coming back, I will backpacking to go Goa.

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    Wow, you have shared in the last lines of your post samedaytoursin! have informative stuff with all about traveling lover. I like to say that it will be useful; for all of us and will be good stuff for other new travelling freak. I hope I will go India soon, then I will take some suggestion from these links.

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    There are many beaches in Goa and its sometimes difficult to decide where to go. I will give you some famous and best beaches which You can visit :
    1. Mandrem - it tends to be quieter than the others even in the middle of the busiest season. Its the kind of beach where you can happily wile away your time swimming, collecting starfish and napping in the sun. The water can get a little rough if its a super windy day (fun for water sports!), but generally is gentle, warm and perfect for a float.
    2. Ashvem - This is quite a popular beach with a lot of places to eat, drink & party. La Plage is probably the most famous restaurant here, serving up indo-french inspired food in a casual yet chic setting, but shacks line the whole coast. The appeal of this is beach is precisely that- all the comforts of hand delivered beers, cocktails & food, plenty of beds to choose from with bamboo enclosures , a vast stretch of sand to play, nap, or run around and lovely, calm seas to take a cooling mid-day dip.
    3. Utorda - Located in south Goa, about 45 minutes south of Panjim, this beach has superb white sand, clean greenish water, lots of local plants and foliage, and is quite wide and long in size. The water is slightly rougher than some of the others. The length of this beach makes it ideal for a morning or evening walk/jog, and you are likely to find far less of the touristy crowds than all the neighbouring, more famous south Goa beaches.
    4. Small Vagator (Ozran Beach) - itís still a nice spot for a sunset dip and beer. A tiny little beach sheltered by small cliffs on all sides, it only has a handful of shacks- and none of them have the greatest food. If youíre looking for food, stay up on the cliff where Thalassa and a bunch of restaurants are located, otherwise walk down the long (long!) flight of stairs for some lazy times by the shore.
    5. Morjim - Quite a long beach, Morjim is famed for its Russian crowd, extremely soft sand, and because its a nesting site for Olive Ridley turtles. It definitely has many options in terms of where you can park yourself for the day, and my personal favourite is the stretch of sand outside Paros by Amarya- a boutique hotel featuring luxury tents and a small, fresh menu.
    If you want to know more in detail about all these mentioned beaches then you can read " Goa Travel Guide Blog by Jasleen Gill ".

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    Hi all!!!!!!!!!
    I am surprised to see that Goa is becoming the beach destination of India, But Goa has lot to offer than this. This western coastal small state of Goa had been the home of many cultures and civilization, It had been the part of many rule so there is a presence of diverse culture and traditions which also reflects in its monuments from the relics, cuisines, and lifestyle. One can see Goa differently if he separate beach from Goa. Here are some of the places in Goa one can visit can see the different Goa.
    1. Dhudhsagar Falls
    2. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary
    3. Shanta Durga Temple
    4. Fort Aguada
    5. Ram Nathi
    6. Basillica of Bom Jesus
    7. Se Cathedral
    8. Calangute
    9. Old Goa
    10. Panjim
    11. Vasco De Gama
    Hope you like to these places also along with all the beaches in Goa, and trust me you will be surprised to see this part of Goa. Thanks

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