I chanced upon a recently launched video by raahi.com. Based on a true review written by a user on the site, it blows the whistle on a rather bizarre hotel experience. The film opens with a lovable, multi-tasking waiter who dons many hats. Imagine being served food by a guy, only to find him doubling as a masseuse (not even a masseur). And if that weren’t enough he’s in charge of the kitchen too! The user experience is driven home in no uncertain terms, albeit laced with humour. Given that the protagonist of the film is playing three roles plus the fact that he is a one-man army servicing no less than 12 rooms, you get a sense of the ordeal. Not a prospect most of us would fancy facing. The fact that a little comic relief is always welcome, wins the day for this video. Now there is every reason to read hotel reviews before booking a hotel room. If only to avert, or shall we say minimize, such unexpected encounters. The site’s tagline - ‘Unravel travel’- has a good ring to it, in light of this experience.