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Thread: Point of Interest in Shimla, A Must-See

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    Default Point of Interest in Shimla, A Must-See

    Shimla is the northern Indian state capital located in the Himalayan foothills. It was referred to as the summer capital of British. Today is known for its handicraft shops lining The Mall, Lakkar Bazaar that is specialized in wooden crafts and toys.

    Shimla has snow cloud majestic mountains running through the rich greenery, where you can enjoy the timeless beauty. Shimla is the most visited place as there is magic in the air and the point of interest in Shimla captures the visitors. This is the reason it is known as the Queen of Hill Stations.

    Shimla had the influence of British is apparent even today in its buildings. The best is that it is worth visiting any season. Some of the point of interest in Shimla makes the best itinerary for a tourist and they are:

    - Jakhoo Temple- Jakhoo Temple or Hill is the highest peak offering a scenic view of the Himalayan Mountains and the city. The Jakhoo Hill is a tourist spot and the temple has a large Hanuman statue.

    - The Ridge- The Ridge is in the center of the town offering spectacular views. It is a spacious space making a great dream destination. The church reveals the Neo-Gothic architectural brilliance. It is a popular attraction.

    - The Shimla State Museum- This Museum is on the Mount Pleasant top. It presents the richness of the state. In fact, the colonial style buildings featuring marvelous lawns are inspiring. It has a stunning collection of various objects, archeology and cultural anthropology.

    - Summer Hill - frequented by tourists, Summer Hill is an amazing place in Shimla for having breathtaking sightseeing.

    - Kufri- Kufri is 19 km away from Shimla and is a delight for adventurers and nature lovers. This belonged to the Nepal kingdom earlier.

    - Daranghati Sanctuary- A Marvelous tourist attraction - Daranghati Sanctuary is a hunting reserve of the past when the forest was rich with wildlife.

    Shimla is a most visited place in India, all through the year, so, while traveling to Shimla, do not forget to make advance booking for Rooms in Shimla.

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    Shimla is really nice and most wonderful city for travelling that is situated in India. I also spent really great time there during my holidays. Here I am going to share the name of some interesting points of this amazing city such as:

    Ghadhasaru Lake
    Shimla Glen
    Summer Hill, Shimla
    Chander Naun Lake
    The Ridge, Shimla
    Nako Lake

    I hope my shared list about attractions would be useful for you.

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    Hi there!!
    The mighty mountains capped with snow, picturesque view, pleasant climate and moderate temperature with tons of places to visit, this is Shimla. A place you could witness eternal natural beauty and enjoy each and every element of Mother Nature proves to the best summer hide out as well as great spot to enjoy winter.This is the uniqueness of Shimla that you could visit either in Summer or in Winter. There are many places one can visit. Here are some of my favourite spots in Shimla:
    1. The Ridge
    2. Summer Hills or Porter Hills
    3. Annandale
    4. Chadwick Fall
    5. Kufri
    6. Jakhoo Hill and Temple. Hope you like the list. Thanks

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    Shimla is a wonderful place in Himachal Pradesh. If you are going to Shimpla then must not forget to visit Kullu-Manali as it is nearby destination.

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    Himachal is a beautiful place and it have so many beautiful destination to visit. Kufri is one the best place of himachal. it is full with natural things. Taj mahal Moonlight Tour

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    Shimla is so beautiful place of india and it have so many beautiful place. It is specially famous for hill station. it have so beautiful hill station to visit. we can get so much fun with these beautiful things.
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