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    Default bed bug detector

    I stay in hotels quite a bit. I purchased the Ughbug Bedbug Detector when it became available. In general I have used it to detect bed bugs in all hotel rooms . I am very satisfied with this product and it gives me great piece of mind and knowing I have the ability to sweep the area I'm sleeping in while on the road. You can take the Ughbug Bedbug Detector wherever you go and you have it at your disposal in an instant . I really think you will be more than happy with it.
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    Planning to visit a fine motel or hotel? No matter how elegant, don't get into bed until you've checked for bed bugs!! Ughbug, the portable ultraviolet device will quickly scan the bedding and the room. No need for sniffing dogs, no need for glue traps. Take Ughbug with you wherever you go. Kids going to college? Children going to camp? Check out their bedding with Ughbug. Details on


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