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Thread: Don't build upon google too much

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    Default Don't build upon google too much

    Most of people find what they want start from google, even someone know the best way to get it. People open computer every day, searching by google every time, do you think there is another way faster than google.

    Suppose that you want find the hotel all in UK, then we search by google, import "hotel in UK", then Enter. Google will give you many information about this word, most time is a hotel in UK, but what is you really want ? You want all, so you must to click all the web goole give to you to find the result, this will waste many time, it is unadvisable.

    Do you find some sameness about the web, Example this:, be observed this web , you will find that the link is well-regulated. Do you find it?

    Then we test this, you know that UK is belong to Europe, then you add "/Europe" after the link, then you will see all the hotels in Europe; add "/ Uintes kingdom" after "/Europe", the all is "", you will get all the hotel in United Kingdom, this is what you really want.

    The frame of most web is like that, then you can get one web is ok, no need to get all. Is this faster than Goole? So , don't build upon google too much,you can find the easy way than it.
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    May be you are right but you can search with as per keywords.

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    Very Right , Right Queries Produce Right Results . If Query is Proper then You will find more Relevant . Good Example Highlighted by you .
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    Yes keywords are the better options to search from Google..

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