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Thread: Fruit calorie guide,make travel better

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    Default Fruit calorie guide,make travel better

    Low-calorie fruits are raw fruits below 40 calories per half-cup serving. These include fruits such as starfruit (16 calories), apricots (17 calories), watermelon (23 calories), strawberries and apples (26 calories each ), papaya and cantaloupe (27 calories each), plums, honeydew lemon and quince (30 calories each), blackberries (31 calories), raspberries (32 calories), peaches (33 calories), pineapples (37 calories) and half a grapefruit (39 calories).

    Mid Calories Fruits in the mid-calorie range are those that are above 40 calories but not over 70 calories per half-cup serving. These include five halves of dried apricots and blueberries (42 calories each), 10 cherries (43 calories), canned cherries (44 calories), tangerines (45 calories), kiwi (46 calories), pears (48 calories), pomegranate (51 calories), mangoes (53 calories), canned peaches (54 calories), grapes (55 calories), canned apricots (58 calories), nectarines and oranges (60 calories each) and bananas (67 calories).

    High Calories Fruits in the high calorie range are those that are 70 calories and above per half-cup serving. These fruits include most canned fruits in syrup, such as canned plums (73 calories), canned pineapples (74 calories), canned grapefruit (76 calories), canned mandarin oranges (77 calories), canned peaches in light syrup (70 calories), canned peaches in heavy syrup (95 calories), fruit cocktail (91 calories), canned pears (98 calories), canned apricots (107 calories). Frozen fruit also most often falls into this category. Examples include peaches (100 calories), strawberries (122 calories), frozen mixed fruit (123 calories) and frozen raspberries (129 calories). In addition, other high calorie fruits include: prunes (132 calories), sweetened blueberries (193 calories), raisins (217 calories), dates (251 calories) and half an avocado (245 calories).
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    Nice post.
    It's effective for a well & happy travel.

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    Fruits are filled with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. fruits are an important part of a healthy diet. and you can get more calorie from all the fresh fruis.

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    Great list buddy, this is a perfect guide.

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    Nice information, yes fruits are must for body it give us calories and be strong and also be strong our teeth.

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