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Thread: Tips for older travellers

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    Default Tips for older travellers

    For older people, the risk of death or serious illness while travelling is the same, or even less, than staying at home.

    However, planning is important, and before travelling, older travellers should consider:

    See your doctor for a check-up and discuss your fitness for the trip you are planning.

    See your dentist and optometrist.

    Pack a spare pair of glasses, any medications you need and a small medical kit.

    Organise travel health insurance with pre-existing illness cover if needed. Make sure it covers emergency evacuation.

    Make sure routine immunisations are up to date and get vaccinated against influenza and pneumonia.

    Consider your back and joints – use luggage with built-in wheels.

    Take clothes and hats to suit the climate.

    If you are concerned about your health or the health of someone you are travelling with, consider taking an organised holiday.

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    All of these tips really helpful for my father and Grandmother. Both are really like traveling and want to visit wonderful places around the world. I will share all of these tips with them after my tours niagara falls. I am going this with my friends. Great job and Keep it up.

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    Great tips! It’s really helpful for every older traveler. I agree with your suggest a few sentences.

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    tips for older travellers
    This Fact Sheet provides information for older travellers including:
    n planning your trip
    n some important tips
    n arranging travel documents and travel insurance, and
    n important contact details for Australians travelling overseas.
    Planning your trip
    Places to start your planning and research include:
    n Get Up and Go Get Up & Go Magazine
    n Seniors Card Home - Seniors Card or
    1300 364 758 for information and discounts
    n Lonely Planet Lonely Planet
    n The Australian Senior Newspaper (free from most chemists – or call
    1800 001 987 to have one sent to you)
    n Your local travel agent will have brochures
    n Visit the Federal Government’s website
    for information and advice, or ring 1300 139 281 for automated travel
    Some important tips
    n Carefully check the details and fine print for your tickets, travel insurance,
    tours and other arrangements to be sure all the services you need are
    included in the price, and for their cancellation policies.
    n If you are not confident booking travel on the internet, check with
    someone who is, or use a travel agent.
    n When using a travel agent, check that they are properly licensed by
    ensuring they display the Australian Federation of Travel Agents (AFTA)
    sign, or by calling the Office of Fair Trading on 13 32 20.

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    Great ! your Tips for older travellers.Thanks for sharing your great tips.I really like you.Thanks so much..

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