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Thread: Top tourism attractions of Thailand

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    Default Top tourism attractions of Thailand

    Bangkok: The capital city of Thailand, Bangkok is known for its grand temples & palaces, wonderful shopping, exotic nightlife and massage centers.

    Chiang Mai: Get glimpses of verdant greenery, take an elephant ride, or explore interesting tribe cultures. Chiang Mai is a must-visit tourist spot in Thailand.

    Pattaya: A bustling sea-side city filled with numerous entertainment options, Pattaya attracts millions of travelers annually. Beautiful coral beaches, amusement parks, go-go bars and massage parlors are major attraction of a tour to Pattaya.

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    Default The best places in Thailand for vacation

    Thailand is the best place to spend family vacations. The country has plenty of beautiful and attractive places which parents and their children will definitely love. There are top ten best places in Thailand where most families from around the world love to visit. Here is the list of the ten most recommended vacation destinations in Thailand:
    1. Pattaya, Thailand - located along the Thailand Gulf. It is the most popular ocean site resort in the Southeast Asia. Pattaya has 300 affordable hotels to choose from, which are perfect for vacationing families of any size. There are also a number of markets and shopping malls. Lots of affordable restaurants are also found in Pattaya serving the delicious Thai delicacies.
    2. Phuket - the most popular tourist destination in the country with its beautiful white sand beach coasts. Phuket is also known as the "pearl of the South". Here, one can find the best variety of restaurants offering the best of Thai cuisines.
    3. Koh Samui - perfect to spend family summer vacations. Koh Samui has a large number of beach hotels where one can enjoy the amazing beauty of the white sand beaches along the coastlines. Resorts offer good budget accommodations which will surely please families.
    4. Chiand Mai popular tourist destination mostly because of the best shopping experience it offers. Here, one can buy a lot with just a dollar. Tourists often swarm the market of Chiang Mai that opens from 5pm and opens until midnight daily. The night marketplace has many products that will surely suit and satisfy everyone. Goods such as clothes, baggage, souvenir items, shoes and a lot more can be found here. There are also clubs in several places which offers very affordable prices. This is definitely a place for any family vacation.
    5. Koh Chang Thailand - is a marine national park which attracted thousands of visitors worldwide. The island has a nick name of "the last untouched paradise in the Southeast Asia", because much of its place are not yet been discovered by modern explorations and haven't been built in with establishments and infrastructures. Here, one can fully appreciate the pure gifts of nature. Koh Chang has everything nature has to offer. Perfect getaway place for families who wants to have a quiet and peaceful vacation. Families can rent natively designed bungalows where they can feel at ease and comfortable all throughout their stay.
    6. Krabi, Thailand - an island territory of Thailand that has fine-looking coastline and offshore islands. This location was used in the movie "The Beach" starring Leonardo di Caprio. These beaches are truly pictures perfect panoramas, together with the coconut palm trees and the blue waters of the ocean. Krabi has been a favorite place for vacationers coming from different countries.
    7. Hua Hin - a place which combines pleasure and beach holidays and also a place for several sports. Golf has been the most famous sport here wherein visitors can play under the shade of the coconut trees.
    8. Chiang Rai - a located in the mountainous regions of Thailand, which are said to have retained much Thailand's culture. Popular attractions here include the White Temple, which is the only handcrafted temple in Thailand with striking botanical gardens. Visitors love to visit here and take a look at the Buddha statues built in Buddhist temples which truly spectacular.
    9. Cha-am Thailand -Cha-am beach resort is known as the longest white sand beach in Thailand. It is also a place for golfing which many of vacationers enjoy to play. Perfect for vacationing families.
    10. Bangkok - the main attractions in Bangkok are the magnificent temples and shrines along the city. These religious buildings were made with artistic architecture design which are truly captivating to the eyes.

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    Well, Phuket, Krabi, and Ko Phi Phi are legendary (as are the full-moon parties), while the culture and chaos of Bangkok is a sensory feast that has to be experienced.

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    There are many people who are interested in traveling and also Bangkok which is the capital city of Thailand.There are many popular places in Thailand where many people likes to go for visit.
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    Bangkok, Thailand, is a metropolis where one can find both old and new, East and West, traditional and fashionable, blended together in a harmonious way.

    Rayong, where the most attractive tourist spot is the Samet Island, which has become very popular among foreign visitors. Trat the most far-flung province on the eastern coast, is well known for its Ko Chang Marine National Park.

    Chiang Rai, located at the northern tip of Thailand in the very heart of the Golden Triangle, gains fame from its scenic views, exotic hilltribes and exciting elephant-back riding tours.

    Lamphun is a town of beautiful women, bountiful orchards and ancient temples. Lampang is the sole province in Thailand where horse-drawn carriages are still used as a means of transportation.

    Trang With plentiful picturesque islands, this province has many fine beaches and beautiful scenery waiting to be explored such as Chao Mai National Park, and Ko Muk and its Morakot Cave.

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    People come from all over the world to -sunbathing, sailing, snorkeling, diving or just relaxing. For those who like the fast-paced life, there is always Bangkok. and for the ones who want to take it a little easy ChaingMai,Hua Hin,Koh-Samui,Krabi,Pattaya,Phuket are some other options for a traveller to consider. Come and share this amazing experience with Thai people, culture, scenery, cuisine, hospitality and overall lifestyle.

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    Phuket and Pattaya beaches are very stunning.

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    Bangkok is a pulsing, exciting and often chaotic metropolis and a necessary part of a trip to Thailand. Although not everyone’s cup of tea, this stink soaked, and noisy city has some unbelievable places of interest that you would be foolish to bypass. The delicately bejewelled Grand Palace should not be missed and if you have time also try to visit the beautiful Wat Phra Kaeo and Wat Po where a huge golden reclining Buddha resides. The more daring head for the well-known backpacker’s paradise Khao San Road, Chinatown’s alleyways and bazaars and the Patpong Night Market.
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    Top tiurism places in thailand
    Ko phi phi
    Koh tao
    phnag nga bay
    ko tarutao

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    Yes i have heard of it and i guess throughout i can be something that works surely. For now experiencing things which are good enough at many factors with traveling especially like maid of the mist boat tour helps things to grow in a good manner.

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