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    Default question for travelers

    Good Day to all travelers out there! Can you guys kindly answer our simple questions regarding the travelers and their use of travel guide We really need this for our school paper. Thank you!!

    1. Who are the travelers that usually buy a travel guide in terms of age, gender, civil status, country of origin,
    2. what are the attributes that travelers consider in buying a travel guide
    3. Why do they buy travel guide?
    4. Where do they usually buy travel guides?
    5. Why do they go to the Philippines?
    6. How many days do they stay? Average?
    7. How much are they willing to pay for in a travel guide?
    8. How do they get information aside from travel guide? Is it important to have a travel aside from the fact that the internet provides the same information seen in a travel guide.
    9. What do you think of a hand held electronic(gadget) travel guide?


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    Thanks for share question list. It will be helpful to grow up my knowledge.

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    You all questions can be answered easily just through tours new york to niagara falls which has a lot for you to learn i am sure.

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