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Thread: CrowdFunding For Travelers - FundYourTravel

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    Default CrowdFunding For Travelers - FundYourTravel

    FundYourTravel is a crowd-funding website focusing solely on travel. The goal of the site is to enable travellers to submit their extraordinary ideas for expeditions in order to raise funds for it. Projects can be backed up by inspired people or sponsors looking for marketing opportunities and brand awareness. Think Kickstarter, but for travelling. Currently, access to Trevolta is private and given in batches. Batch 1 is in progress now. Sign up and claim your spot in the queue to join the next batch!

    FundYourTravel website:
    FundYourTravel on Facebook:
    FundYourTravel on Twitter:

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    I have heard of them and i guess they are doing good with all the traveling needs. This is the how a traveling professional should be going so that the client can get maximum from it .
    When it comes to my traveling i usually use fort lauderdale to boca raton that stays quite reasonable for me.

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    Its majorly if we see how we can have a way out on the things which provides us all according to the needs is the way how all can be and to me thousand islands boat tour is decent because of the way services are being provides by them.
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