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Thread: El kharga oasis

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    Lightbulb El kharga oasis

    El- kharga

    The Kharga Oasis must be one of the most beautiful places in the world, especially at sunset; everything you see at this “green island in the middle of a yellow ocean of sand”, is natural! Whether you are sleeping under the stars, or just relaxing between the high palm-trees, you will find a feeling of integration with the environment. The first time I saw the El-Kharga Oasis, a bright light came to my eyes and I could not overcome the emotion, even I wondered “what better place to go than El-Kharga Oasis?

    The Kharga Oasis was an important transit point for the desert caravans since the period of the 12th dynasty (1786 BC – 1665 BC). This was a transition period in the Egyptian history when the Hyksos had control over Northern Egypt and the Pharos ruled over Southern Egypt and the Nubia.
    The Kharga Oasis was always considered the Southern and Western Gate of Egypt. It connected Egypt to Southern Africa through the forty days road.

    The monuments and ancient sites of the Kharga
    The Temple of Hibis:
    The temple of Hibis is located approximately one kilometer to the north of the city of Al Kharga. This temple is considered of significant importance as it represents different stages of the Egyptian history. The Pharonic, Persian, Ptolemaic, and Roman eras are well reflected in this ancient beautiful temple.
    The temple of Hibis was originally constructed during the reign of the 26th dynasty, which was the last native dynasty to rule Egypt before the Persian conquest in 525 BC. The period of this dynasty is also called the Saite Period after the city of Sais, where its pharaohs had their capital.
    The temple was built for the worship of the holy triad (Amun- Mut- Khonsu). The construction work started under the rule of Iris and then Ahmos II. However, most of the construction works were completed during the Persian or the Hyksos occupation of Egypt specifically during the reign of Darius I (522 BC).

    The Cemetery of Bagawat:
    The Cemetery of Bagawatis located three kilometers to the North of the city of Al Kharga behind the Temple of Hibis. This cemetery got its name from its style of architecture as most of the tombs there were constructed in the form of domes, or “Qubwat” in Arabic which transformed afterwards into Bagawat. This cemetery hosts one of the most important and most ancient Christian churches in the whole world

    The Temple Of Ghweita
    TheTemple of Ghweita or Qaser Ghweita, or the “fortress of deep springs” is located25 kilometersto South of the city of Kharga. This temple together with theTemple of Hibisis the only temples built in Egypt during the Persian or Hyksos occupation.The construction work of this temple started in the reign of Darius I over the top of a hill that was originally the ruins of a Pharonic settlement that goes back to the Middle Kingdom.The temple was built for the worship of the holy triad (Amun- Mut- Khonsu), the same as the temple of Hibis. It was also enlarged during the Ptolemaic era between the 3rd and 1st century BC.
    TheTemple now includes a hall with 8 huge columns, a hypostyle hall, and a sanctuary.

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    El chargha oasis is a new name for me, I have never been at there in my life tilted but like to make a visit at there and so sure about that it will be really good and nice for me to try anything like this for sure for having great fun at there with my family or friends while having a good chance.
    tour of Virginia Beach was nice.

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    So if this destiantion is new for you then I will like to share with you that El kharga oasis is the monumental sites, which are important to the cultural in the South Western Desert of Egypt. It is a really nice spot for researchers, I will like to say that I will try to go there for enjoying some time with my friends on its exploring and I will have to go after finishing my 3 days in montreal trips

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