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Thread: Sharing and telling about your travel experiences

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    Default Sharing and telling about your travel experiences

    It's a very good idea to tell a little about your travel experiences to the community. The other members will love you for it and we will all know something more about the world and particular travel destinations.

    Making it easier for us to choose where we want to travel next time.

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    Had traveled from Mumbai to Pune once.
    it was a road trip and we were a group of 5 bikers.
    We reached Pune at about 4 hours from Mumbai.
    While returning our mobile was switched off and we had no money left. Suddenly one of our friends bike petrol got over . We stuck in a real mess and didnt knew what to do. Thanks to some people on the highway who stopped and were helpful and gave us some petrol.
    his bike was carried away till the petrol pump and with the help of out friend we transacted some money and filled up his petrol
    Terrible and nice adventure

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    It can be a good source of chit chat. I would personally consider it. The the thing is to understand sources like thousand islands cruises which is the way always grows in a certain manner. For me the maximum is to gain a helpful way of seeing the use of it.

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    Travelling is my favorite hobby and I love travel to new york city. it is my favorite one travel destination. You can have comfortable journey there and could make a rememberable tour there. I had great experience there of my life. I would love to go there again with my friends.

    I am making plans for boston niagara falls tours any suggestions???

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