Here is second part. Hope you people enjoy reading this too. Some words are Nepali, those words dont have any english meaning, so bare it.

Incomplete Journey(part 2)

I went to a cyber after buying a ticket. My timing for cyber was an hour. But the slow server made me too lethargic to stick in net for an hour.

I thereby felt the temperature of my body getting hotter and hotter felt so much unconscious that I felt asleep inside the cyber and slept making my big bag pillow. Ticket was for half past 3 and I felt asleep around one pm.

May be my sixth sense had worked then, I woke up at 3 pm. Holding a big bad at back, I got in to the bus. This time my side by SAHAYATRI was a lawyer who seemed interested in talking to me but I was not tending to talk to none. “I am not feeling well.”, I said to him. I again felt asleep.(Don’t think that I am made for sleeping and sleeping!)

“Bahini(sister), you are getting off in Lamahi, right? ” Somebody made me awoken.

“yes”,I woke up.

“Get off here. This is Lamahi”

Then I saw outside from the window of bus. Bus was in front of a hotel. People were rushing here and there in the light of night.

“What time it is?’ I asked this to the same person who had made me woke up a while ago.



Uffff!!! I took a long breath.

The night was wearing on. Hence, there was no any chance of getting a bus to Gorahi.I asked the man “Is there any buses to Ghorahi now?”

He nudged “NO”

Fever had already into my body, soaring high and high. I was not able to carry my bag, let alone going anywhere else carrying my big bag back. I got off from the bus. Head my way to hotel and thus thought to spend a night in that hotel. I had no appetite to eat. Again slept.

Early in the morning, the owner of the hotel came to wake up me. I could not get up. I said that whenever I will feel like waking up, I will wake up. I was thinking of getting medical check up in Ghorahi but my body was lighter like a balloon. I was unable to open the door.

Thus I slept again.

Around eight o’clock, I woke up and shouted from the door to call someone. Somebody on the behalf of hotel appeared and I asked him to prepare Jaulo for me.I asked the owner of the hotel to take out my cell from my bag. She inspected the whole bag in course of bringing it out. She tried reading out my id card. Cell was not working. After having Jaulo the hotel people brought me a rickshaw which would take me to bus station.

I had not even washed my face. My nails were looking dirty and lips were looking like withered. I was looking very dingy girl that time.

The rickshaw rider (fuchee) asked me in his mother language, “Kauna busme?(Which bus?)”,I was looking at his face with astonishment. My jaws were jammed .I was now unable to utter even a word. I indicated a small boy shouting

“Ghorahi Ghorahi” he took me to the bus. I got into the bus and again slept on a boy back without even asking! Now I think what he might have thought over me.

I reached Ghorahi. Got off in Traffic chowk and called up my acquaintance out there. He too was not available in contact.

He already had been to his countryside to observe Dashain. I met his wife only. Again I felt asleep and slept! She gave me a sitamol. My fever had reached up to 104.At noon, my fever went a bit low. They were trying talking to me but I was not able to make sense of any of their talking.

Her husband came at noon. He asked about my plan and told me how to get a bus to Tila. Tila is the last station to reach by bus. And from there I had to walk for two or three days to reach Thabang. Had I obeyed their advice to go Tila early morning at 6,I think I would be nowhere now but in either in hell or heaven!!

Whatever, they gave me one night shelter, I am thankful to them. Husband went out early. His wife was demurring for not getting time to welcome me. New place. Moreover a malady who was fragile to walk. She called a rickshaw and bid me farewell. I had no idea where to go from there. I do understand their problem. I was not gripped by the fever of Dashain but they were .

Rickshaw puller took me to a hotel named Green valley. I was not looking well nor tidy. I hardly mustered my guts and went there. The hotel owner was afraid talking to me. Thus I left the place and then I went to a lodge named Super lodge .The lodge too was gripped by the fever of Dashain as it was about to be closed by next day. But I told them my problem then they managed me another hotel. Rickshaw puller took me to New Lekali hotel. As I reached there, people gathered to look at me like people gather in zoo when a new animal arrives!!

Had I answered each of their questions, I think my mind would have been on the blink by now .So many questions to me. Some were really hilarious like which shampoo you use?”

“your skin complexion is damn nice and whitish, how?”, “Where are you from?’, “Are you married or single?” “what does your husband do?”Bla Bla n bla!!

I asked something for eating. They brought me dal,bhat and sag. I ate it wily anally since I had to obtain energy and got o hospital to get check up. Hotel owner agreed to take me to hospital. When I was about to go hospital, I puked. May be the food I had eaten had not digested.

Even the doctor in hospital was gripped by the fever of Dashain .There was health assistant instead of DR sahib! He touched my pulse. It was cold. He suggested me to have blood checkup. I had blood test and then I happened to know that I caught up typhoid. First the first time in life while being far away from home, it had happened. I immediately thought of getting back. The owner of the hotel managed a bus to Kathmandu. I arrived here, Kathmandu on 15 Ashwin after a night of traveling in bus. Early in the morning of 16 Ashwin, I reached the same place from where I was departed. I slept nearby of my friend and felt a bit relief.

Health is wealt. Having this thought, I returned back from my incomplete journey to Rolpa!!!

Ropla,I will come to you as the soonest after being healed!!