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Thread: Your own travel diary

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    Post Your own travel diary

    This is the travel diary category. We are hoping for many threads and posts in this section. The main point here is that many travellers out there dont have a hosting and it may be difficult to post your own stuff on the internet. Therefor this category should fit very nicely for those that wants to have a place on the internet to post their own travel experiences and happenings. We are trying to make this as easy as possible. The only thing you need is to signup and get a free membership. Then login with your username and create your first thread.

    This is your own travel diary at the TourismZone community.

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    Peru is an exotic country with a millenary history, more than 5 thousand years of ancient. Caral is the most ancient city of America; Machu Picchu the mystery citadel of the Incas than The Nazca Lines. ‘Seņor de Sipan’ is one of the latest discoveries of the Moche culture. We invite you to enjoy an unforgettable journey through our country.

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    Hello every one my name is macro and i am from Singapore.I have own business tour&travel agencies


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