China Pingyao International Photography Festival is the oldest and largest photography exhibition in China.

Organizers: China Photographers Association, China Art Photographic Association, Red Cross Society of China, the Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, , Shanxi International Culture Association, Department of Culture of Shanxi Province, Shanxi Daily,

Operators: Shanxi Government Information Office, Government of Jingzhong, Government of Pingyao County,

Co-organizers: Shanxi Photographers Association, People’ Photography, Pictures Magazine, Chinese and Foreign Celebrity Industry Group.

In 2001 the one hundred photographers from sixteen counties and more than four thousand photographers at home take part in the PIP Festival. The activities of PIP consist of the exhibition of various styles showed up in fifty eight groups and twelve exhibition zones, symposium, soiree and forum; so that they set up the theme of the PIP Festival : professional and international. In 2002 two famous cross-country companies Alcate and L'Oreal join in and hold up “Alcatel Book of Photography Prize” and “Best Contemporary Photographer of china” in separate. In 2003,"Pingyao International Photography Museum" opened in Minglun hall Of Pingyao Confucian Temple which passed through more than 800 year. It is a pioneer of the Chinese Photography Museum and the monument of Chinese photographers.

In 2004 the theme of the PIP is “civilization and development”. Art photography and documentary photography, as the main styles of the exhibition, bring out the best in each other. Shanxi photographer MaYimin’s ancient mural pictures in the photography exhibition impose great influence upon the whole world. French famous magazine PHOTO printed 500,000 more supplements to 79 countries and districts around the world. The magazine made a detailed introduction to Pingyao and PIP Festival, by which PIP further upgrades its authority and artistic charm.

In 2005 the mascot of PIP Festival – Pingping and Yaoyao came into being. The theme of
This year is to commemorate the 60th anniversary of china anti-Japan war and the world anti-fascist war and to embody the history progress and rich achievements of human peace. On November 2005 PIP is recognized as One of the Most Important International Festivals in China.

On the opening ceremony of the best selection photography exhibition in the UN in 2006, Secretary General Kofi Annan came in person and signed for PIP; meanwhile diplomatic envoys from more than 60 countries and 3 deputy secretary-generals of the UN attended the opening ceremony. PIP also held press conferences and exhibitions in French, German, Japanese, Belgian European Union Headquarters, India, and Peru etc. The influence of PIP extended from international photography to the whole world.

In 2007 many famous photographers and agencies have come to Pingyao with their excellent exhibitions, including Robert Frank、Marc Riboud、Alfred Wertheimer、Robert Pledge、David Burnet、Carline Cole,and Contact Images, America PPA Photographer Association, German BFF Photographer Association, GAMA Image, National Geography, etc.
In 2008the new focus will be galleries and agencies. The best exhibition area, 2,000 square meters, will be allocated to the 40 galleries and agencies; therefore, galleries will not only collect the most influential art works through the exhibition, but also exchange ideas with other outstanding agencies.

From: China Pingyao International Photography Festival 2008