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Thread: Go to tibet with RV

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    Smile Go to tibet with RV

    Go to Tibet with recreational vehicle, it sounds like advertisement in China, but we really enjoy it last year with 07 Ford E450 RV for nearly one month.

    When traveling, I was always confused with my sense. Why we want to travel? What we want to get? Rippling water shimmering on sunny day, flake of clouds and open hungriness at altiplano, all of this waiting there for us to see and forget, what’s on earth is the meaning of this? If we insist, I think the last reason is we can recall our youth from where we had gone

    This tour is really out of plan, when my friends call me to join them; I was coming back from Shanxi -- Inner Mongolia, and kind of tired to go another trip. But all of my friends this time are shutterbugs and a new car that make me exciting again, and the following I will share with you the stunning landscape of China and Chinese people.

    These are all captured when the car is moving on the road to Tibet

    Potala Palace in Lhasa

    by :China Travel
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