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    Beautiful Lhsa,Have You Ever been there?
    There is no gleam of cloud the early morning in Lhasa.The mountains in the distance with dark brown roll all the way up to the sky.Occasionally,some big birds fly from a distance.It was said that the Celestial Burial Platform just located behind the mountain.When Celestial Burial opening ,sounds of via flying to Celestial Burial from mountain slope and heaven. Of three elements indispensable for celestial burial, celestial rock (also known as altar), cinereous vultures, and masters of celestial burial, Celestial burial masters are the most mysteriously important. The celestial burial master cleans the body of the dead and ties it into the form of an embryo (with hands meeting in front of the chest and sitting on folded legs) to be placed on the celestial rock.
    If there is a chance, please go to Tibet, to feel the clear sky, the cloud,the moon and the stars closely in the roof of the world;to observe the mystical religion and the history temple.
    This is a holy place you should go in your life trip.
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