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Thread: Tibet Visa Tips

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    Default Tibet Visa Tips

    Overseas visitors to Tibet shall process entry formalities upon showing confirmation letters issued by the Tibetan government.

    Passports and Visas: The foreign tourist is granted the entry visa only when he or she holds a valid passport and a letter of visa notification for tour groups issued by a Chinese embassy in a foreign country and confirmed by the Tibetan Tourist Administration.

    Entry Confirmation Letter: Overseas tour groups, those from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan included, are allowed to enter Tibet only with a confirmation letter from Tibet Autonomous Region's Tourism Administration. The administration has representative offices in Beijing, Chengdu, Golmud, Shanghai, Xining, Xi'an, Hong Kong, Kathmandu, Japan and the United States to handle group tours.

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    Some great information Thanks !!

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    This information will helpful for all. Thanks for great information and valuable tips. I will keep in mind your advice.
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    Yes, I have been there. You don't need a separate visa, a Chinese visa will do. To enter Tibet, fly into Lhasa. Or, better yet, go to somewhere like Beijing and book a ticket on the amazing Qinghai-Tibetan railway and get an unforgettable trip across China in the process. No guide required.

    Lots of weird rules and requirements and it used to be really hard to visit Tibet.

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    To apply for the Tibet permit, we need the copies of your passports and china visa, working permit or students card if those are working or studying in China. Normally it takes 3 working days to get the permit. To visit Tibet, you don't need any double entry China visa, since Tibet is part of China.
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    Nice tip! But I think if you want to go to Tibet, you need a China visa not a Tibet visa.
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