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Thread: Tibet travel will recover in April, donít worry about the safety

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    Default Tibet travel will recover in April, donít worry about the safety

    The gorgeous sun shines white snow, blue sky induces cold air, and however, Lhasa remains its distinctive landscape. At the foot of solemn lofty Potala Palace, religious believers in crowds worship around the palace wall, the cold wind canít stop their pious heart; Around the Jokhang Temple, there are many shops, and the scene here is full of bustle and excitement.

    Despite the ď3.14Ē last year brought heavy destruction to local Lhasa, the people now live in a peaceful life, and the Lhasa city is full of peace

    Tibet beautiful scenery still attracts the tourists

    At the front of the Potala Palace, which is the sign spot in Tibet, there are still many religious believers. But the tourists are less than before. The journalists are quite easy to get the tickets, the price is 100 Yuan. As itís low season right now, the Potala Palace opens only half a day, which is from 9---12.The latest time is 1oíclock in the afternoon for tourists. And it will last the whole March.

    The journalists also get news from the ticket office that people who visit Potala Palace are 100 more or less per day in March. Although itís low season right now, the Potala Palace is still the first choice in foreign tourists.

    The travel agencies will recover the joining-group reception in April

    As itís low season right now, many travel agencies in Lhasa close temporarily, especially stop the joining-group reception. ďThe tourists are few, and we canít organize the groups.Ē Labaciren said, the manager of the joining-group reception center. But he is still full of confidence in Tibet travel, he predicts the tourism will recover in April gradually, thatís the best chance for all travel agencies.

    The low season also affects the hotels in Lhasa. The price of the standard room decreases to 200 from 500 in a 3-star hotel. Many family hotels debut the extremely cheap price. The price of the single room decreases to 40 from 100.

    The shopkeepers are full of confidence

    Around the Jokhang Temple, there are many shops, and the scene here is full of bustle and excitement. But this place is also the region which suffered the heaviest destruction last year. Yesterday afternoon, our journalists saw that the shopkeepers around the square are very active. They are introducing their products to the tourists happily.

    ďNow as itís low season, we are free most of the time, but we are anticipating the peak season, and Iím sure that the business will be better in April.Ē One shopkeeper said.

    Original link:Tibet Travel Bureau Announcement Tibet Travel Service,Tibet Tour

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    I would love to go to Tibet someday.

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    Many people associated with the tourism industry are also expecting some good days. I don’t see any reason to worry while touring this nice continent.

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