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Thread: Museum of Santiago

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    Default Museum of Santiago

    Santiago is the capital city of Chile. It offers a various kind of museums for visitors to see the culture, history, art and natural wonders. I have visited different museums of this region. Here I want to share about its museums.
    Centro Cultural Palacio de la Moneda; it is a very interesting museum. Its collections show the culture of Chilean.
    National Natural History Museum; this museum displays the wide range of natural history. It is located in the Parque Quinta Normal.
    Now I am planning to visit the San Francisco Colonial Museum and Visual Arts Museum. Anyone knows about these museums?
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    You are right Jamar! Santiago is offered to see the historical museum for all history lovers. Your shared information will be very helpful for the next tour. I had never chance to visit there but after reading your post I decided to go there next month and see this historical museum of this city. Would you like to tell me some famous hotel to stay there and which time is best to go there?
    Guys have you any idea about north boston bus tours deals?
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    Sami! Yes I have visited there a few month ago and had a great experience by visiting it.
    I have enjoyed there a plenty of things like a maid of the Mist. The adventure boat rides allow you to take the actual majestic view of Niagara fall. It operate from May to October may be changing occur due to the weather. Niagara fall also offers its visitors to enjoy a depth tour that is hitting the oldest rocks on earth. You must enjoy it. After your come back share your experience with me.

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    I have been visited the Museum of Santiago many years ago with my friends during our college days. Santiago Museum is a Contemporary Art museum that is located in the Santiago, Chile. It is one of the most visited heritage spots of this region.

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    Santiago is the capital city of Chile. I like to visit the Santiago museum about few months ago with my friends. It is an ideal destination for history lovers. I had great experience there. The number of tourists go there every year.

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    after reading your some posts in this community, I feel you love travelling and huge information about nice destination. I like to say for your posts are really informative and describe the history of any place which you visited. Could you tell me about my next tour in Brazil​ which places are famous and informative for me?

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    Its really good to see that all of you have shared here really and good information about Museum of Santiago. I really like this and would really like to try out this place and so sure about that it would be really god nd nicefor me to try anything like this for sure for having great fun at there.

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    I have a good experience of San Francisco Colonial Museum because I have been there more than four times in my whole life. It is famous for its incredible beauty and its nearest interesting points. It is a most exciting place for visit where a lot of visitors come here annually and have an awesome experience there. If you want to go there then I would say that you must take your camera with you. I hope you will came back with many pleasant memories.

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    My uncle takes too much interest in exploring these kinds of attraction so he has a great experience of it and huge knowledge about such kind of places. I will share the name of museums which he always recommend me to visit.
    Museum of Memory and Human Rights
    Chilean National Museum of Fine Arts
    Casa Colorada
    Chilean National History Museum
    These are the most favourite destination of my uncle. So guys It will be a good for all of us to explore these destinations at least once.

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