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Thread: Expectation of Beijing Olympic Games

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    Default Expectation of Beijing Olympic Games

    I love basketball, I love NBA, and Iím a fan of Lakers, of Kobe. So I expect the 29th Olympic games in Beijing, especially, the basketball match between America and China, it must be excellent. Besides the match, the city Beijing is another expectation to me. I will spend much time there, so before the travel, I need to do the preparation well and make a good plan. Who can give me some good advice, thank you! May I need a guide? Or just a map is enough?

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    I am a native Beijinger and I don't think you need a guide. A map would be enough. You can just tell the taxi driver where you are going and he can take you there. If you get lost, you can always go to the Beijingers for help. We'd be very happy to help you!
    Of course, if you want to get a better view of Beijing, you can go to echinacities - the only China guide you'll need which offers very comprehensive information on each aspect of Beijing city.

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    The Olympic Games in beijing China will be huge, whatever happens. It's a period of my life where I will spend alot of time in front of the television.

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