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Thread: Easter holiday trips

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    Default Easter holiday trips

    Where have you been this easter holiday?

    Have you been skiing or snowboarding?

    Many people in europe goes on a skiing trip around the easter holiday.

    How does the U.S. or canadians spend their holiday?

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    If you are looking for travel opportunities to escape in the Easter holidays, why not check out accommodation in the Hunter Valley? There are over 120 wineries to best discover exotic gardens, art galleries and antique shops.

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    Easter holiday depends on each of country. I have a summer holiday from June to September everyday instead of easter holiday. I haven't ever skied or snowboarded
    Hoping can play soon

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    Gather the Easter eggs and fly the coop in 2013 – On The Go tours has a full selection of exciting tours on offer so don’t delay! Maximise those bank holidays and extend your break to a holiday in Egypt, Russia, Jordan, India and beyond... Whether you're looking for adventure, sightseeing, cultural discovery, wild encounters, time to relax on the beach or all of these things - we've got the tour for you!

    To learn more about them : Easter holidays and Easter tours with On the Go tours

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    The best place to celebrate Easter for me is Florida. I celebrated the occasion with my family. We attended the musical night and had a fresh sea food dinner. It was the best family time. We would like to visit again.

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    No doubt for Easter Florida is a best place for having fun. I have visited this place many time and have a great experience there. I have explored its many attractions and come back with pleasant memories. It was amazing for all of us. Anyway according to you buddy which attraction will be best for this event?

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    The best place for celebrating Easter for me is Florida. There are many things for enjoyment. I enjoyed very much with my family at this place. Many people celebrate their Easter at this admirable destination. I explore this place many time but in Easter, I enjoyed more. where all of you guys like to spend and enjoy your Easter?

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    I had enjoyed my Easter eve in NYC with my family. I have been great fun ther and celebrated this beautiful eve. I would like to suggest you must go there for having fun. But can you like to share with me your personal experince of this Easter eve in Florida?

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