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Thread: Do you like Malaysia ?

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    miwe28 is offline Junior Member
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    Default Do you like Malaysia ?

    Selamat Datang or welcome to Malaysia. The warmness you feel the moment you arrive in this country is not merely in the welcoming tropical weather, but in the convivial people you will meet and interact with. Malaysia offers a platter of new and interesting aspects of life, leaving you with a completely new experience and satisfaction beyond.

    Truly Asian in every thread, our pride and purpose lie in the many religions, cultures and traditions cast into a single, nationalistic mould. Even the most jaded visitors will appreciate something from all that we have to offer – from the most luxurious to the most rustic, from the most modern to the most traditional. These characteristics make up Malaysia and its people who are proud to be called Malaysians.
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    veve123 is offline Junior Member
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    Default Yes I like Malaysia

    I have been there for 4 days 3 night in KL and I think Malaysia is clean and nice

    if anybody want to visit malaysia here I got some information for you..

    Continent : Asia

    Country Name : Malaysia

    Capital Name : Kuala Lumpur

    Area : 329,847 km˛

    Population : 27,356,000

    Language : Malay

    Government : Constitutional monarchy.

    Religion : Muslim, Buddhist, Daoist, Hindu, Christian, Sikh;
    Shamanism (East Malaysia)

    Race : Malay 50.4%, Chinese 23.7%, Indigenous 11%, Indian 7.1%, others 7.8%

    Currency : Ringgit (RM) (MYR)

    Times Zone : (UTC+8)

    Internet Code : .my

    Country Code : 605

    Electricity : 240 V 50 Hz Plug type G

    Country information
    Malaysia is a federation of thirteen states in Southeast Asia. The country consists of two geographical regions divided by the South China Sea Peninsular Malaysia (or West Malaysia) on the Malay Peninsula shares a land border on the north with Thailand and is connected by the Johor-Singapore Causeway and the Malaysia-Singapore Second Link to the south with Singapore.
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    Manne is offline Senior Member
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    I was not impressed when i been in Kuala Lumpur !!!

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    chris is offline Junior Member
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    Yes Malaysia is simply awesome place to visit. The Varieties of Cultures, Amazing Cuisines. One of THE BEST Asian Country.
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    Tourismzone is offline Administrator
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    Please tell more about the asian country, if you have visited malaysia.

    Sorry to say but have never been to this country, but i have been to other asian countries.

    Wonder when I get the time to visit malaysia.

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    robert is offline Junior Member
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    Jan 2008


    I just returned from Malaysia yesterday. So much mutlicultural country..., very amazing place to visit. The trip just freshened me up.

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    vipholidays is offline Junior Member
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    I have never been in any asian country but i have heard good things about Malaysia and hopefully once will be enough time to make trip to Asia and visit Malaysia .

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    Aa88 is offline Junior Member
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    I am born Malaysian and I love Malaysia
    Do travel there during your holidays =)

    I am also conducting a survey for my Dissertation/Thesis

    Please feel free to help me out, thanks.

    Economic Impacts of Tourism in Kuala Lumpur - Zoomerang Online Surveys

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    jennychic is offline Senior Member
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    hmmm never been,, but the way the internet markets malaysia.. i think its lovable..

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    Traveller is offline Senior Member
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    In Malaysia you can see lots of places its beautiful mountains, beaches, resorts, parks and restaurants where you can enjoy every moment. Kula Lumpur is one of the popular destinations in Asia. There are five spectacular Islands around Kinabalu city but Gaya Island and Sapi Islands are two most favorite Islands for visitors.

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