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Thread: Rio de janeiro vacation

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    Default Rio de janeiro vacation

    Spending lets say 10 days in Rio De Janeiro is not really enough, there's alot to do in Rio. What trips should you do while in Rio?

    Go see the statue of christ and check out the amazing view.

    Some would recommend and tell you to avoid Copacabana, this is where most international tourists go for their vacation. This also means there are more prostitutes and pickpocketers. It's entirely up to you.

    If you are new to rio de janeiro I would order some tours to get around the city and see the things you havn't seen before.

    Have someone recommend you a local club with live music such as samba, pagode, and chorinho.

    Another tip about rio is to not go alone in the night and don't wear anything flashy.

    Another place is actually outside of Rio - 2 hours south in line with the coast there is an island called isla grande. Great for diving and relaxing, less people and no cars. You can also charter a boat with a captain to see more of the scenery around that area.

    Rio de janeiro is a very beautiful city with all the views, people, food and the amazing atmosphere.

    That's just a little about Rio De Janeiro, if you know more details about trips to make in Rio or other information about the city and things to do please post this here.

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    This is great information you provide us about Rio de Janeiro. Id like to discuss some more information about the best time of visiting there. If anyone plans to spend the holiday vacation so visiting Decembers to March which is consider the high season in this place but this time prices are high and most crowded.
    May to October is also a good option if you are looking for low hotel prices.

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    The Christ statue is definitely something that I have always wanted to see in Rio de Janeiro. They said that this one is the largest so I am quite fascinated.
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    I'm from Rio and i believe that one of the most amazing things in the city is the nature we can observe near the urban area.
    There is a cool website with some tips and pictures of the Rio's nature :

    Rio Ity - Make your Rio Itinerary

    Be welcome in Rio!

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    Rio de Janeiro is one of the world's most beautiful cities and people love to visit there. I really appreciate your post thanks for sharing us.

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    i like to spend a vacation in rio de janeiro. i didn't visit atleast once. i want to be spend some hours with Christ the redeemer.

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    What I love most in Rio De Janeiro is the People, and their festival. I remember the movie Rio. Love it so much - USA Visa and ESTA Information Online.

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    Never wear real jewelry - people will still it from you even if they have to take it off in broad daylight because many theft are there and many pickpockets are there and well aware before going to visit the Rio de janeiro..
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    I agreed with Traveller, this information will prove really beneficial for all those people who want to go there in coming days. I must say Rio De Janeiro is one of my favourite destinations around the world. I have been there many years ago.

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    You should try following attractions of Rio de Janeiro
    Sugarloaf Mountain
    Christ the Redeemer
    Parque Lage
    Pedra da Gavea
    Fort Copacabana

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