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Thread: What are the basic charges of inn or hotels in Melbourne, Australia?

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    Cool What are the basic charges of inn or hotels in Melbourne, Australia?

    I am planning a Visit to my distant relative in Melbourne, Australia.But I don't want to trouble her family so I was planning to stay in inn or hotel for most of the time, it's a two month stay. Want to know how much it will cost. Or its better to live with my relatives which I don't want to, because I heard that they are too interfering with everything. This is my first visit to Melbourne so also suggest some good restaurants, martial arts club nearby or something interesting so that I can spend my time enjoying. Budget not fixed yet but something around 3500 USD, still I will leave around November can save more if its less, and please what type of climate will be there so also suggest clothing. Thanks in advance.

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    There are different basic charges of inn or hotels in Melbourne. If you want to know about this, you can check online. Most of the websites offer discount rates on hotels charges.

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